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    How to Get Your Nurse License, Nurse Verification and Nursing License Renewal

    As a travel nurse, you will need to get your nursing license in the state in which you choose to work. Each state has it's own nursing license requirements.

    At American Mobile, getting you your state nursing license is a top priority. We pride ourselves on our streamlined nursing license process that puts your nursing career front and center. 

    Our experienced recruiters can help expedite the nursing license process and put you to work faster. 

    Whether you're interested in a nursing compact license,  an RN walk through state or simply need to renew an existing nursing license, we are here to help. 

    Below is state-by-state information regarding nursing licensure, verification and renewal. 

    State Compact Walk Through Time Frame
    Alabama     2 weeks
    Alaska+     2 weeks
    Arizona+ YES YES License issued 48-72hrs after walk through
    Arkansas YES   10 days for new
    Colorado YES   4 weeks for new
    Connecticut     2 weeks
    Delaware YES   2 weeks for new
    District of Columbia   YES  
    Florida+     4-6 weeks (1-2 weeks if fingerprinting are done in-state)
    Georgia     4-6 weeks
    Hawaii   YES Closed on Fridays
    Idaho YES YES  
    Illinois     4-6 weeks
    Indiana     2-3 weeks
    Iowa YES   2-6 weeks for new
    Kansas     2 weeks
    Kentucky* YES   2 weeks for new
    Louisiana   YES Walk through is for temp license; 4-6 weeks otherwise
    Maine* YES   2 weeks for new
    Maryland* YES YES  
    Massachusetts     4-6 weeks
    Michigan     6-8 weeks
    Minnesota      4-6 weeks
    Mississippi  YES YES  
    Missouri YES YES  
    Montana     1 week
    Nebraska YES YES  
    Nevada      6-9 weeks
    New Hampshire* YES   2-8 weeks for new
    New Jersey     4-6 weeks
    New Mexico* YES   2 weeks for new
    New York     6-8 weeks
    North Carolina* YES   2 weeks for new
    North Dakota YES   1 week for new
    Ohio*     4-6 weeks
    Oklahoma     3-4 weeks
    Oregon     3 weeks
    Pennsylvania     2-3 weeks
    Rhode Island YES YES 4+ weeks for new
    South Carolina YES YES 2 weeks via mail
    South Dakota YES YES  
    Tennessee YES   4-6 weeks for new
    Texas* YES   2 weeks for new
    Utah YES   3 weeks for new
    Vermont;   YES  
    Virginia YES   4 weeks for new
    Washington*     4-5 weeks
    West Virginia     1-2 weeks
    Wisconsin YES   2 weeks for new
    Wyoming     2-3 weeks

    * Paperless nurse licensure process.
    + Special fingerprints or background check process may be required.


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