Maryland Nursing License

Considering travel nursing jobs in Maryland? Good news! It is now easier than ever to get your Maryland nursing license.

If you are a registered nurse with a license from another state or need a nursing license renewal, the team at American Mobile can take the hassle out of getting your RN licensure for travel assignments. American Mobile can pay nurses licensing fees! Starting with the job hunt and interview process, through applying with the Maryland Board of Nursing, our recruitment and licensing experts have all traveling nurses covered.

American Mobile recruiters will help all nurses complete their licensing requirements and get them working in this Mid-Atlantic jewel—known for its fresh seafood, Chesapeake Bay, historical sites, diverse terrain, and close proximity to the nation’s capital.

How to Apply for a Maryland Nursing License

Nurses who are licensed in another state and have never held a Maryland license may apply for Maryland nursing licensure by endorsement. Endorsement applicants must complete a background check before completing the online application. Verification of original licensure is also required, which can often be done through the Nursys.

The application fees for nurses seeking their Maryland license by endorsement are:

  • $100 for an Endorsement license;
  • $40 for a Temporary nursing license; or
  • $140 for both Temporary and Endorsement licenses
  • Background fees of $57.25 are also required

Temporary licenses are good for 90 days; extension requests can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

American Mobile travel nurses can qualify for reimbursement of all fees paid for their Maryland RN license, and get help with the application process.

How Long Does it Take to Get a License by Endorsement?

After the Maryland Board of Nursing has received all required documentation and fees, they will normally issue a nursing license in 3-4 weeks. Timing can vary by seasonal demand.

Need to look up your Maryland nursing license? Nurses can verify that their license has been issued on the state board’s website.

Is Maryland a Compact Nursing State?

Yes. Maryland is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact, which allows nurses in nearly 40 states in the compact to work across state lines. If a nurse claims another compact state as their primary state of residence and has a multistate nursing license, they can pursue travel nursing jobs in Maryland—without having to pay additional fees or obtain another license. And background checks are not required if you are working on a compact license in Maryland.

The Nursys system can verify if you already hold an NLC multistate nursing license.

What You Need to Know if You are Renewing Your MD License:

Maryland nursing licenses can be renewed for a two-year period.

The state board will renew an RN license within 5-10 days upon receipt of:

  • Completed online renewal application
  • Required fees – $136 biennially for RN renewal (includes MHCC fee)*

* The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) fee assessed to Active status RNs varies on an annual basis. The current assessment is $13 annually, which is doubled for qualified biennial RN renewals. Reactivating a Maryland RN license from Inactive status requires a different application process.

Let Us Guide You!

Luckily, American Mobile will help each nurse with licensing. The licensing experts at American Mobile are available to answer all questions and help nurses through the process of obtaining their Maryland nursing license for travel nursing jobs. Furthermore, it is encouraged to discuss reimbursement for licensing costs with a recruiter. Our recruiters will also help find your ideal Maryland travel nursing assignments.



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