What is Travel Nursing?

travel nursingTravel nursing allows RNs to explore the country while working in some of the nation's most exclusive hospitals and healthcare facilities. 

Travel nurses fill in during shortages at hospitals and facilities for non-permanent working assignments. 

These flexible assignments that come with DAY ONE benefits and free, provided housing last from 4-26 weeks, giving nurses all they need to take control of their RN career.

In addition, if a travel nurse enjoys the city and facility they're working in, there are often chances to extend stays to get the most out of the experience.

Many of the travel nurses that work for American Mobile comment on how learning new EMR systems and working with a variety of patient populations has helped grow their resume and allowed them to see the country, all while creating a nursing lifestyle that works best for them or their family.

What Do Travel Nurses Do?

Travel nurses fill in during shortages at hospitals and facilities, assisting the facility's permanent workers with high case loads or when other employees are on vacation, maternity leaves, leaves of absence or during seasonal fluctuations such as flu season.

Travel nursing affords RN's the ultimate freedom and flexibility to decide when, where and how long they want to work in a specific hospital.

Why American Mobile Travel Nursing?

Healthcare facilities across the country trust American Mobile to help fulfill these critical staffing needs. Travel Nursing Career Opportunities

As the leading travel nurse company in the nation, we have longstanding relationships that keep the skills of our travel RNs in high demand.

You'll always have work if you decide to make travel nursing a career choice for 3 months, 6 months or even as a long-term strategy to grow your nursing career, live close to family or friends, or simply to explore.

What Nursing Specialties Work in Travel Nursing Jobs?

Travel Nurse Specialty JobsHospitals need almost all nursing specialties, however some nursing specialties are in higher demand than others, including:

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Travel Nursing: Start NowThere has never been a better time to start your journey as a travel nurse. American Mobile knows the industry and will listen to your specific needs.

Our recruiters don't just fill nursing positions, we help nurses just like you fulfill their career and lifestyle goals.

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travel-nursingOur experienced travel nursing recruiters will help you find assignments that best match your immediate and future career needs. You can choose from jobs in all 50 states

American Mobile offers local travel nurse jobs, as well as nursing jobs all across the nation. We'll place you in an assignment tailored to your requests and registered nursing specialty, whether you're a recent grad or seasoned professional. As an American Mobile travel nurse, you'll have access to better opportunities.

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