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Travel Nurse Jobs in California

A Top Travel Nurse Location

It's time to pack your favorite bathing suit and venture to California’s magnificent coastline. Swim in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean while enjoying one of the nation’s most consistently sunny climates. 

Travel nursing in California offers more than a sunny experience, California is home to two of the top ten hospitals in the nation. Furthermore, The Golden State is a hot spot for world-renowned physicians and healthcare facilities, as well as a top travel nurse location. American Mobile has partnered with some of the leading healthcare facilities in California to offer aspiring travel nurses the assignment of a lifetime. Our travel nurses have the ability to work in the best facilities and work for the best doctors in the nation. The fast-paced work environment is a great way to grow a resume as well as earn more money in a beautiful place. Learn more about how you can secure a high paying travel nurse job in California, today!

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Travel Nurse Salary in California

What is a nurse's salary in California? The average RN in California, earns $118,000 a year. There are many variables that affect one's salary; experience, hospital, and specialty are just a few to name. However, that means that the average RN is earning $2,280 in the State of California.

How much do travel nurses in California make? Earn up to $4,200/week

As travel nurse salaries and wages depend on various factors, it is important to know that American Mobile travel nurses can earn $1,360 to $4,200 per week, or close to $54,600 on a 13-week assignment, in California!

Becoming a travel nurse has its perks. Especially when working for a healthcare staffing agency with the largest database of jobs. Additional to wonderful health insurance options for you and your family, American Mobile offers in-valuable resources to each and every traveler. Starting from the day you accept your assignment, you have access to the largest clinical staff awaiting your questions comments, and concerns. A recruiter to help you through each step of your travel nursing journey to relieve any stressors you might have. A 24-hour hotline is available to you to help you with anything or any questions you may have about your upcoming assignment, or while on assignment.

Amongst other perks like mental health resources and free continuing education classes, American Mobile ensures that each and every traveler is able to provide the highest-quality patient care by offering amazing benefits.

The average travel nurse jobs salary in California was about $2,474 per week on August 1, 2023. Today, you can find jobs with a salary range between $1,276 to $4,327 per week. The cities with the highest paying jobs include:

In California, there are a number of hospital facilities with nursing staff including: Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center in Long Beach, San Antonio Regional Hospital in Upland, and Los Robles Regional Medical Center in Thousand Oaks are well known in California.

If you have a specific start date in mind, the soonest available in California is Oct 2, 2023 for a Registered Nurse – Telemetry - Telemetry role at $4,265 per week. The latest start date for an RN job is Nov 7, 2023 for a Registered Nurse – Pediatric - Pedi role at $3,737 per week.

There are a variety of contract lengths available for a travel nursing job in California including 13 Weeks (13962 jobs), 12 Weeks (1774 jobs), and 8 Weeks (677 jobs).

California's Top Specialties

American Mobile receives new jobs daily from hospitals and healthcare facilities. If you are looking for a specific CA travel RN job, please see below for the top nursing specialties in need throughout the golden state.

California's Exclusive Travel Nurse Jobs

There are currently 279 exclusive American Mobile RN jobs in California. You won't find these Registered Nurse jobs anywhere else. Start by scrolling through RN jobs based on average salary, contract duration, and shift types to find your perfect travel nurse job. You can earn between $1,522 - $4,327 a week and the average weekly salary for these exclusive RN jobs is $2,963. Apply for exclusive top paying traveling RN jobs in these popular California cities:

The Travel Nurse's Guide: Northen California

There’s no better state to begin your travel nursing adventures than the Golden State. From postcard views of the Golden Gate Bridge to the Redwood forest trees, not to mention some of the best surfing spots in the world, Northern California truly does have it all. If the combination of living and working in a state that offers as many glorious landscapes to enjoy as it does high-paying travel nursing jobs to land tickles your fancy, then check out our Nor Cal City Guide and get ready for your next adventure!

The Travel Nurse's Guide: Southern California

What could be better than a high-paying job in your chosen profession that lets you live, rent-free in Southern California? A favorite destination for travel nurses, Southern California is the pinnacle in terms of personal and personal lifestyle thanks to the wide variety of career opportunities, epic scenery, and endless things to do. A travel nursing assignment in Southern California can open up a world of possibilities and be your ticket to living your best life!

Golden State of Mind – Are You Ready?

If you’re looking for a more secluded experience, you have many camping and hiking opportunities to choose from. Visit the immaculate Yosemite National Park to see landmark sites like Half Dome, El Capitan, and Bridalveil Falls. Camp in the Mojave Desert, Palm Springs Desert, or Joshua Tree National Park. California provides a diverse array of camping and hiking climates that allows you to customize your experience to your preferences.

FAQs about Travel Nurse Jobs in California

On average, how much does a travel nurse make in California?

The highest paid travel nurse jobs in California can make up to $4,327 per week.

How long is the most common contract duration for travel nursing jobs in California?

The average length for travel nurse jobs in California based on recent data is 13 weeks.

How many California travel nurse job opportunities are currently available?

In California there are 531 job opportunities for a traveling nurse to choose from.

What cities have the highest paying travel nursing jobs in California?

  • Santa Clara, California $4,327 / per week average salary
  • Sacramento, California $4,265 / per week average salary
  • Oakland, California $4,221 / per week average salary
  • San Marcos, California $4,208 / per week average salary
  • Los Angeles, California $4,140 / per week average salary

What nursing specialties are needed most in California right now?

  • Telemetry - 121 jobs available now
  • ICU - 93 jobs available now
  • ER - 70 jobs available now
  • MS - 55 jobs available now
  • LD - 30 jobs available now

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Top Travel Nurse Salaries in California

Find the nurse travel jobs in California with the highest salaries below and contact a recruiter today:

Cities Average Salary Highest paying job in each city
San Marcos $4,013 /week* Registered Nurse – Telemetry $4,208 per week
Santa Clara $3,350 /week* Registered Nurse – Cardiovascular Operating Room $4,327 per week
Anaheim $3,314 /week* Registered Nurse – Pediatric $3,737 per week
Sacramento $3,139 /week* Registered Nurse – Telemetry $4,265 per week
San Jose $3,106 /week* Registered Nurse – Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse - Level 2 $3,627 per week
Redwood City $2,996 /week* Registered Nurse – Labor & Delivery $3,627 per week

California’s Top Opportunities by Specialty

American Mobile receives new travel nurse jobs in California each day from hospitals and healthcare facilities. If you are looking for a specific California travel nurse job, please see below for in-demand nursing specialties needed throughout the state:

Specialty Average Salary Cities with highest paying jobs
LD $2,884 /week* Santa Clara, Redwood City and Oakland
ICU $2,848 /week* Santa Clara, San Jose and Redwood City
Telemetry $2,686 /week* Sacramento and Anaheim
OR $2,603 /week* Santa Clara, Van Nuys and Templeton
MS $2,388 /week* Fremont, San Diego and Santa Rosa
PCU $2,360 /week* Burlingame, Van Nuys and Redwood City
Home Health $2,173 /week* Petaluma, San Ramon and Martinez
ER $2,088 /week* San Diego, Modesto and Moreno Valley
OR $2,049 /week* San Francisco, Los Angeles and Pleasanton
Outpatient Clinic $2,038 /week* Los Angeles, Santa Rosa and San Francisco

Travel Nursing: California

When travel nurses take jobs in California, they often remark that it's an eclectic mix of everything their career and lifestyle needs. The Golden State not only offers some of the most advanced facilities in the country, it is also known for its cultural diversity, amazing food scene, surf, sand and skiing prospects, and the ability to go from crowded city to serene forest in the span of a few hours. In other words, California is only the "Golden" state, it's also a golden opportunity for travel nurses who seek career growth and fun.

Need your California nursing license?

Make your next travel assignment golden by taking your nursing experience and skills to California! Don't let the thought of not having your Califonia nursing license deter you. Our recruiters will guide you through the entire process of acquiring or renewing your license.

What are the best hospitals in California?

California has not only one, but two of the nation's top ten hospitals! Boost your nursing experience and build your resume by taking a travel assignment on the west coast. Take a look at the hundreds of exceptional hospitals you can choose from to take the next steps in your career. 

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