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Travel Nurse Salary

What is the average travel nurse salary? An American Mobile travel nurse’s salary can be quite competitive. Each nurse’s salary is dependent upon location and contract length of the available position, specialty, experience, and the critical demand of the healthcare facility.

Beyond a highly competitive salary, American Mobile offers an array of benefits including: health insurance, 401k matching, guaranteed work week, and many more. In addition, we help our nurses travel the country doing what they love without the added stressors of locating housing and paying moving expenses. We offer high-quality, no cost housing to make your life easier. If you decide to secure housing on your own, we’ll provide a stipend to help offset the cost.

High salary + valuable benefits = a lucrative total compensation package that you should take advantage of.

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Breaking Down a Travel Nurse's Salary

Understand Your Compensation

Calculating your travel nursing salary may be tricky, as you must factor in the state in which you file taxes, the total cost for housing, and the overtime you may or may not take. Contingent on those variables, a healthcare facility may need one expertise more than another. Luckily, our recruiters can help you determine the salary range of an assignment before you accept.

A Rewarding Career Path Awaits You

Travel nursing assignments often allow for flexibility in your schedule. Therefore, we offer free continuing education courses that give you the chance to build your resumes and earn more money as you obtain more qualifications and certifications.

Bonuses Offered by American Mobile

We have partnerships with various companies, giving you access to exclusive company discounts. Furthermore, our traveling nurses often accept tax-free allowances, such as free housing or a housing stipend, as well as additional living expenses. 

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Travel nurse salaries are typically higher than full-time nurse salaries and are dependent upon factors like assignment location, facility demand and specialty. Our recruiters are standing by to help you create a plan to dramatically increase your salary.


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