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What are the Benefits of Travel Nursing?

The benefits of becoming a travel nurse are exponential. Who doesn’t want an increase in compensation, the ability to travel and explore new cities, or work in various clinical settings?  Nonetheless, the additional benefits that we offer outweigh many hesitations nurses have prior to taking the leap.

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Perks that Benefit You and Your Family

Premium Health Benefits

American Mobile recognizes the importance of healthcare benefits by offering a comprehensive benefits package suitable for your individual and family needs. Moreover, we provide access to health insurance, life insurance, vision insurance, and disability insurance for our nurses as well as their families. Please note, that some benefits begin on the first day of a nurse's assignment. For specific information pertaining to available health plans, please contact a recruiter. 


Free Housing or Housing Stipend

It's Your Choice

Let our locator experts arrange a fully furnished, move-in ready home for you,  or collect a housing stipend to use however you wish! 

Largest Network of Facilities & Providers

Our travel nurses can work in a variety of hospital settings and gain access to some of the most prestigious doctors and nurses in the country. Once you’ve completed your application, you gain access to a plethora of assignments at top-ranked hospitals and facilities. Additionally, we have exclusive partnerships with Magnet hospitals offering exclusive assignments to solely American Mobile travel nurses. 


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Largest Clinical Team of All Staffing Agencies

We take customer service seriously and provide 24/7 clinical support to each one of our healthcare professionals. Beyond the ‘round-the-clock’ support, we have the largest clinical team of all travel nursing agencies, allowing for each nurse to gain experience and urgent assistance at any hour of the day. 

Licensure Assistance

Need help obtaining your nursing license to begin your assignment? Don’t worry too much, our recruiters and staff will ensure you have the necessary documents needed to accept your next nursing assignment.

Wait! There’s more…

401k Matching

Invested in your future? American Mobile is too. We offer a generous 401k matching program that will set you and your family up for a successful future.

Free CEUs

American Mobile offers FREE Continuing Education Courses to our nurses who wish to continue their education and grow their career.

Pets Included

Many are unaware that you can travel with your entire family. That’s right, your two kids, your dog and fish are accepted as, ‘your family.’

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Travel Nurse Experiences

Personal care, responsive teams, organized and seamless QA dept., easy payroll process, real-time access to the best and most current jobs/contracts.


October 19, 2022

American Mobile Travel Nurse

Travel Nursing


Great Pay, 2-3 months time off, flexibility


Subject to contract renewal and having to find new assignments


October 20, 2022

American Mobile Travel Nurse

My recruiter definitely does their best to get me a great package and meet my desires for what I'm looking for in a contract and facility. They also have a lot of contracts with top facilities which is nice. 


August 22, 2022

American Mobile Travel Nurse