Oncology Travel Nurse Jobs and Salary

As an Oncology travel nurse, you will play a crucial role in providing specialized care to patients battling cancer. As highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professional, you will embark on a journey to various healthcare facilities, bringing your expertise and support to those in need.

You will be tasked with collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, educating patients and their families about cancer treatments and self-care, and offering emotional support during the challenging journey of cancer treatment.

Oncology Travel Nursing Job Description & Requirements

  • Minimum of a year experience in oncology nursing, preferably in diverse healthcare settings
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with patients, families, and healthcare teams
  • Compassionate and empathetic nature to provide emotional support during difficult times
  • Ability to adapt to new environments, work independently, and handle the demands of a travel nursing position
  • Appropriate state nursing license or Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)

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We offer an extensive selection of high paying Oncology travel nurse jobs at top performing healthcare facilities. Choose from a strong network of healthcare partners across the nation including:

We simplify your job search by listing the top paying Oncology nurse travel jobs in great cities throughout United States. Live and work where you want to. Find exclusive travel nursing jobs in beautiful cities including:

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How Much do Traveling RN Oncology Nurses Make?

Make up to $3,533/week

How much do oncology travel nurses make? At American Mobile, our oncology travel nurses often make higher salaries than staff RNs who work in single locations during their careers. Our oncology travel nurse assignment weekly compensation packages range from $1,277 to $3,533. Therefore, your max earning potential for a 13-week assignment is $45,929. This translates to a significant raise based on traditional roles.


*Disclaimer: Wages for oncology travel jobs are based on average rates and may be impacted by facility budgets and seasonality and may include a combination of taxable and non-taxable earnings and reimbursements.

The 7 Best Things About Being an Oncology Nurse

Travel Oncology Nurse Benefits

As the industry’s leading travel nurse agency, American mobile provides top-notch day-one benefits for Oncology travel nurses and their families. You are our first priority and our awesome benefits package makes sure you and your family is taken care of.

  • Free housing or a housing stipend
  • Access to the largest Network of facilities and providers to find assignments
  • Health Benefits: health, life, and vision insurance
  • 401k Matching & More

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Oncology Travel Nurse Salary

Oncology departments desperately need travel nurses that meet all of the necessary travel nursing requirements. As an Oncology travel nurse, you can make up to $1,317 to $2,838 per week.

Check out the current highest paying Oncology travel nurse job in Wisconsin: This Registered Nurse – Oncology position earns $2,838 a week, with a start date of April 1, 2024. This assignment is for 13 weeks and is located in Ashland.

Our travel nurse jobs include a housing stipend and a personal housing account executive will ensure your housing preferences are met and you are happy before moving. For more details about salary, contact a recruiter or check here for a few nurse travel jobs that are starting the soonest and apply today:

Exclusive Oncology Nurse Jobs

American Mobile has 14 exclusive Oncology nursing jobs in United States with competitive pay rates and private housing. You won't find these Oncology travel jobs anywhere else. Browse our extensive selection of Oncology travel nurse jobs based on average salary, contract duration, and shift types to find your perfect travel nurse job.

These exclusive American Mobile positions can help you earn between $1,923 - $2,507 a week. The average weekly salary for these exclusive Oncology jobs is $2,254, but check back often as available jobs are constantly changing.

Search all of our top paying Oncology travel nurse jobs below:

Cities Average Salary Highest Paying Oncology Job per City
Danbury $2,391 /week* Registered Nurse – Oncology in Danbury, CT
Columbus $2,341 /week* Registered Nurse – Oncology in Columbus, OH
Columbus $2,341 /week* Registered Nurse – Oncology in Columbus, OH
Columbus $2,341 /week* Registered Nurse – Oncology in Columbus, OH
Columbus $2,341 /week* Registered Nurse – Oncology in Columbus, OH

Earliest Starting Oncology Travel Jobs

Here are some of the best Oncology travel nursing jobs that start soon. Don't miss out on the opportunities below, contact your recruiter today!

Start Date Weekly Salary Cities with Highest Paying Jobs
March 3, 2024 $2,506 - $2,762 /week* Registered Nurse – Oncology in Cleveland, OH
March 4, 2024 $1,924 - $2,120 /week* Registered Nurse – Oncology in Cleveland, OH
March 4, 2024 $0 - $0 /week* Registered Nurse – Oncology in Morgantown, WV
March 4, 2024 $1,703 - $1,877 /week* Registered Nurse – Oncology in Glendale, CA
March 4, 2024 $1,517 - $1,672 /week* Registered Nurse – Oncology in Concord, NC

*Estimate of weekly payments is intended for informational purposes and includes hourly wages, as well as reimbursements for meal & incidental expenses and housing expenses incurred on behalf of the Company. Please speak with your Recruiter for additional details.

Oncology Travel Nurse Job FAQs

What are the minimum travel nursing requirements?

Each state, as well as the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), has its own nursing license requirements. However, healthcare systems prefer nurses to have at least one year of experience in a clinical setting under their belt to be considered for a position.

Get nursing license information for all 50 states including:

Can I take time off between Oncology assignments?

Yes! That is one of the benefits of travel nursing. Travel nursing allows you to remain flexible and take time off of working between assignments. However, to remain eligible for benefits provided by American Mobile, you must begin an assignment within 25 days of your last assignment. For more information, contact your recruiter.

On average, how much does an Oncology travel nurse make?

An Oncology nurse can make an average of $1,968 per week in the US, but every state is very different.

What are the highest paid travel nurse jobs available today?

The top paying nurse positions currently include jobs like:

What is the opportunity for work/life balance with a travel nurse job?

Travel nurses are in high demand in cities throughout the nation. Apply for travel Oncology nurse jobs in Oak Bluffs and other popular destination spots where the work/life balance is at its highest!

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