What is a Traveling Nurse?

what is a traveling nurseHealthcare facilities occasionally experience shortages in personnel due to seasonality, expansions, and many other reasons. When this happens, they turn to traveling nurses to fill in for their permanent staff. 

Typically, travel nurses fill staffing gaps at hospitals and healthcare facilities for periods of 8-13 weeks.

Travel nursing jobs are available in all 50 states and in all nursing specialties, such as ER, ICU, NICU, L&D and more.

What are the Benefits of Travel Nursing?

With a career in travel nursing, you can explore new and exciting places throughout the U.S. while doing what you love.

In addition, travel nursing helps build your resume, widen your skills set and advance your career. Check out more travel nurse benefits below: 

Top Travel Nursing Benefits 

  • Competitive pay: Travel RNs earn lucrative travel nursing salaries.* In addition to your take-home pay rates, many hospitals offer generous completion and sign-on bonuses.
  • Generous benefits: Get access to a wide variety of benefits, including medical, dental and vision, as well as life insurance and 401 (k) retirement plan options.
  • Freedom and flexibility: You determine where and when you want to work, which leads to a better life/work balance. You choose your preferred shift and type of healthcare facility.
  • Perks: In addition to competitive pay and benefits, travel nurses get access to other perks, such as free continuing education, free housing, travel reimbursement and more.
  • Job security: Due to the recent nursing shortage and the rapidly aging population, travel nurses are in high demand. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there will be 1.2 million vacancies for registered nursing jobs between 2014 and 2022.

How to Become a Travel Nurse

So you’ve decided to give travel nursing a try. What steps do you need to take to become a travel nurse?

As the industry’s best travel nursing company, American Mobile makes it as easy to become a travel nurse. 

We offer the widest selection of travel nursing jobs across the U.S., therefore, finding the right job that fits your career goals and lifestyle is easy.

Steps to Become a Travel Nurse 

  • Step 1: Search our database of travel nursing jobs: To get started, search available travel nursing jobs via American Mobile’s friendly job search tool. You can conveniently filter your search via location or specialty.
  • Step 2: Fill out application: Once you’ve found a job you’re interested in, apply by using our easy online application process.
  • Step 3: Speak to a knowledgeable recruiter: One of our friendly recruiters will reach out to discuss your career goals, desired locations and facility type to ensure you’re matched with a travel nursing job that fits your needs.
  • Step 4: Interview: Next, you’ll interview with the facility in which you’ll have the chance to ask questions about your duties, culture and more. This is your time to shine!
  • Step 5: Complete the necessary paperwork: You’ll work closely with your recruiter to complete all the necessary paperwork to begin your travel nursing assignment as well as housing arrangements.
  • Step 6: Start your adventure: Now comes the fun part, starting your assignment and exploring your new temporary home.

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* Pay rates vary depending on the facility and location, as well as your specialty.

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