Ep. 03 - Starting Travel Nursing During COVID, Living in Austin, TX, and More – Boyce McClellan, CCRN

June 22, 2021

On this episode, we had the incredible opportunity to speak with a 20-year Navy veteran who became a travel nurse! Our special guest, Boyce McClellan, CCRN, reflected on his transition from perm ICU nursing to travel nursing, sharing his experience starting out during the early stages of COVID, his time on assignment in Austin, TX, the most important things to ask for in a travel nursing contract, and more.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) An introduction to Boyce and his nursing background
  • (12:20) Starting a travel nursing career during the pandemic
  • (15:26) Dealing with uncertainty in the COVID ICU
  • (27:21) The travel nursing experience in Austin, TX
  • (30:42) A lightning round of nursing questions with Boyce
  • (36:32) The most important things to ask for in a travel nursing contract
  • (41:12) Strategies for finding housing as a travel nurse 46:14
  • (47:16) Boyce’s next assignment

About Boyce McClellan, CCRN

Boyce McClellan is currently an ICU Travel nurse. He has been a critical care nurse for six and a half years. With experience in just about every adult ICU setting, Boyce has spent the last year, like many people, working primarily in and around COVID. After spending 5 years as a staff nurse, he transitioned to travel nursing right before the pandemic shut down the country in 2020. In addition to Nursing, Boyce is a 22-year veteran of the US Navy and a father to an 18-year-old daughter. When Boyce is not at work, you will find him riding his mountain bike or seeking calm waters under his paddleboard. To see where Boyce is off to next on his travel nursing adventures, follow him on Instagram!

About the Show

Producer - Jonathan Cary

Assistant Producer - Katie Schrauben

Show Notes - Sam MacKay

Music - Editing - Aidan Dykes

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