Nursing Uncharted Podcast

By American Mobile

The Nursing Uncharted podcast is a space to share the raw and real stories of nurses from across the healthcare industry. Each episode, host Maggie Reichard, BSN, RN, CNRN talks to nurses from a variety of specialties and settings—discussing travel nursing, career advice, nurse empowerment, and unique stories from nursing life. Join us each episode to laugh, learn, and discover new aspects of our incredible profession.

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Everyone meet Maggie, ICU nurse and host of our Nursing Uncharted podcast!

"I'm very passionate about nursing. My hope for the Nursing Uncharted podcast is to cultivate a generation of nurses who have found their calling, who related to one another and leave space for one another.
"When I clock out, I go home to my wonderful husband matt, my eight-month old daughter, Valerie and my fur baby, Enzo. I love singing, board games, escape rooms and building meaningful and authentic connections."

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