Ep. 37 – Becoming Your Own Advocate With The Seated Nurse - Andrea Dalzell MSN-ED, RN

January 24, 2023

In this episode, we welcome Andrea Dalzell MSN-ED, RN, a disability rights advocate and nurse in New York. We discuss common biases, becoming your own advocate, hospital accommodations, and more!

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We Discuss

(0:00) Introduction

  • (3:45) Andrea’s Background
  • (11:26) Common biases
  • (19:45) Accommodations in the Hospital
  • (24:04) What Stands in the Way The Most For Not Accommodating Those With Disabilities
  • (28:25) Common Accommodations You Can Ask For
  • (37:17) Becoming Your Own Advocate
  • (41:23) Advice for Nurses & Those With Disabilities

    Andrea Dalzell is the people’s disability rights advocate. As someone who has used a wheelchair full-time since the age of twelve, she understands what it’s like to constantly come up against barriers because life is built for the non-disabled. She challenges this narrative daily as “The Seated Nurse” – the first and only registered nurse in a wheelchair in all of New York State. Andrea’s advocacy has won her national recognition over the years, including being named “New Mobility’s Person of the Year” in 2021. She has also been featured in publications such as Unite Spinal, HomeCare, and Forbes.

Show Credits

Host – Maggie Reichard

Producer – Jonathan Cary

Assistant Producers – Katie Schrauben & Sam MacKay

Music – Aidan Dykes