Ep. 35 – Tips For Taking Care of End of Life Patients - Melanie Sheckels, RN

November 29, 2022

Melanie Sheckels, RN rejoins us for our continued conversation about death, grief, and trauma. In this episode, we discuss how to best care for end-of-life patients and holistic regenerative care. Some of the tips we discuss are validating a patient’s grief, having a centering process, and trusting the wisdom of the patient.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (3:00) Tip 1 - Learning to Trust the Wisdom of the Patient Who is Dying
  • (13:44) Tip 2 - Having a Centering Process
  • (25:22) Trauma & Burnout
  • (34:30) Tip 3 - Attuning Ourselves
  • (43:55) Tip 4 - Being Intentional With Interventions
  • (49:26) Tip 5 - Validating a Patient’s Grief
  • (1:00:12) Tip 6 - Speaking Plainly & Directly to Your Patients
  • (1:04:34) Tip 7 - Contemplating Our Relationships With Time
  • (1:11:00) Death Jam Events & Podcast


Melanie is a death, grief, and trauma educator and guide who's helped hundreds of humans move from fear of death into pleasure, possibility, and peace.

Through her practice as a Death Doula, she guides dying people, families, and caregivers through thresholds of profound loss and change toward stability, vitality, embodiment, and trust.

She believes that death is a sacred, rite of passage, not a medical event and that even amidst great loss and difficulty, we each contain an inherent, unbreakable blueprint of health and wholeness that we may return to with deep, consistent care & connection.

Melanie is also the host of the Death Jam podcast & community event.



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Host – Maggie Reichard

Producer – Jonathan Cary

Assistant Producer – Katie Schrauben

Assistant Producer – Sam MacKay

Music – Aidan Dykes