Ep. 34 – Death, Grief, & End of Life Care - Melanie Sheckels, RN

November 22, 2022

Death, grief, and trauma educator, Melanie Sheckels, RN, joins us on this episode to discuss end-of-life care and her job as a Death Doula. We discuss the pain & anxiety of death, what constitutes a good death, how she became a death doula and more.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (3:10) Welcoming Melanie to the Show
  • (14:57) Learning to Deal With Death as a New Nurse
  • (21:20) Pain & Anxiety of Death
  • (25:30) What Constitutes a Good Death
  • (34:13) Why Melanie Became a Death Doula
  • (49:17) What is a Death Doula
  • (55:00) Certifications & Programs
  • (1:02:30) Death Jam Podcast


Melanie is a death, grief, and trauma educator and guide who's helped hundreds of humans move from fear of death into pleasure, possibility, and peace.

Through her practice as a Death Doula, she guides dying people, families, and caregivers through thresholds of profound loss and change toward stability, vitality, embodiment, and trust.

She believes that death is a sacred, rite of passage, not a medical event and that even amidst great loss and difficulty, we each contain an inherent, unbreakable blueprint of health and wholeness that we may return to with deep, consistent care & connection.

Melanie is also the host of the Death Jam podcast & community event.



Show Credits

Host – Maggie Reichard

Producer – Jonathan Cary

Assistant Producer – Katie Schrauben

Assistant Producer – Sam MacKay

Music – Aidan Dykes