Ep. 32 – What To Know About Becoming a Nurse Writer - Cheryl L. Mee MSN, MBA, RN, FAAN

October 18, 2022

In this episode, we spoke with Cheryl Mee, Executive Editorial Director for the American Nurse Journal, about nurse writing. We discuss how to get started with nurse writing, how to write a strong manuscript, steps in the journal publishing process, and more!

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We Discuss

  • 0:00) Introduction

    (2:50) How Cheryl got into nursing and nursing publication

    (6:40) Different ways to become a nurse writer

    (14:03) What are the benefits to nurse writing

    (18:34) How to get started in nurse writing

    (21:24) Common writing topics

    (26:28) How to write a strong manuscript

    (30:45) Amount of time to write a manuscript

    (36:38) Steps in the journal publishing process

    (43:47) How often are pieces not published

    (47:50) About American Nurse Journal


    In her current role as Executive Editorial Director for the American Nurse Journal, the official journal of the American Nurses Association, Cheryl leads content planning and editorial development for the journal. She oversees print and online editorial operations for the journal and ensures that content is clinically accurate, timely, and relevant. Cheryl works with authors, peer reviewers, and editorial staff and helps first-time nurse authors work through the process of topic development to publication. Cheryl has worked in Health Science publishing for 28 years. Other past roles include journal Editor-in-Chief for a national nursing journal for Wolters Kluwer. As Vice President of Nursing and Health Professions journals at Elsevier, she led a team of publishers serving the nursing profession and nursing societies.

    American Nurses Association Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ananursingworld/

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    Host – Maggie Reichard

    Producer – Jonathan Cary

    Assistant Producer – Katie Schrauben

    Assistant Producer – Sam MacKay

    Music – Aidan Dykes