Ep. 31 – The Role of a Nurse Manager - Katie English, MSN, RN, CPN

October 4, 2022

In this episode, we welcome nurse manager, Katie English MSN, RN, CPN, to the show! We discuss her transition to become a nurse manager, management styles, a typical day in the life, work-life balance, and more.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (2:00) How Katie got into nurse management
  • (7:40) Transitioning roles from nurse to nurse manager
  • (10:02) Katie’s style of nurse management
  • (14:53) Prioritizing time as a nurse manager
  • (21:20) Typical day in the life of a nurse manager
  • (25:00) Work-life balance for nurse managers
  • (30:22) The best & most difficult aspects of being a nurse manager
  • (36:44) What Katie has learned as a nurse manager
  • (42:28) Characteristics That Make a Good Nurse Manager

About Katie English MSN, RN, CPN

Katie English is currently a clinical manager in a pediatric cardiac ICU. She first came to love peds and nursing as a CNA, then started as a new grad in a CICU and never looked back. While working bedside, Katie often served as a preceptor, where her passion for mentorship developed. She also worked as a clinical instructor for a period of time. Katie loves to spend time outdoors and explore new restaurants with friends and family.

Katie’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathleen-m-graham

About the Show

Producer – Jonathan Cary

Assistant Producers – Katie Schrauben & Sam MacKay

Music & Editing – Aidan Dykes

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