Ep. 30 – Becoming a Resilient Nurse & Overcoming Burnout - Karen Furr MS, RN

September 20, 2022

In this episode, we speak with Karen Furr MS, RN, of The Resilient Nurse Project, about how we can become more resilient and overcome burnout. We discuss the 6 pillars of resilience, the biggest roadblocks, recognizing burnout, and more.

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We Discuss

  • 0:00) Introduction
  • (2:10) About Karen Furr MS, RN
  • (7:50) Biggest roadblocks for nurses to build resilience
  • (11:30) How nurses can recognize burnout
  • (13:48) The Resilient Nurse Project
  • (24:00) The 6 Pillars of Resilience & Pillar: Interpersonal Support
  • (34:28) Pillar: Active Optimism
  • (37:35) Pillar: Relentless Tenacity
  • (42:18) Pillar: Decisive Action
  • (47:18) Pillar: Moral Compass
  • (53:00) Pillar: Intentional Self-Care
  • (1:00:00) How nurses can create a culture of resilience at work
  • (1:04:28) How to get involved with the Resilient Nurse Project

About Karen Furr MS, RN

Karen is a Registered Nurse with a master’s degree in nursing education. She has over 15 years of experience as a nurse, which includes work in vascular access, pediatric, neonatal, and technology-dependent intensive care units, pediatric cardiac cath lab, and utilization and prior authorization review.

Karen has taught in the clinical practicum and classroom settings in both LPN and BSN programs and serves as a nurse resilience coach and consultant. Karen is committed to making a significant impact in the nursing profession. She founded The Resilient Nurse Project 2020 in order to fulfill her mission of helping nurses recognize, address, and overcome burnout and compassion fatigue. As Founder and CEO of The Resilient Nurse Project, Karen’s desire is to make a significant sustainable impact on the nursing profession.

About the Show

Producer – Jonathan Cary

Assistant Producers – Katie Schrauben & Sam MacKay

Music & Editing – Aidan Dykes

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