Ep. 24 – The Ins and Outs of School Nursing - Saoirse Cummins, BSN, RN

June 14, 2022

In this episode, we break down everything about school nursing. Special guest, Saoirse Cummins, BSN, RN, joins us to discuss the makeup of a school nurse’s patient population, a typical day on the job, interesting school nursing stories, and more!

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Introduction

    (2:30) How Did Saoirse Become a School Nurse

    (5:50) What is a Waldorf School

    (8:29) What Kind of Kids Does a School Nurse Typically See 

    (11:17) A School Nurse’s Typical Day 

    (15:05) Orientation for a School Nurse

    (17:00) Navigating COVID as a School Nurse

    (21:16) School Nursing Stories

    (30:13) Documentation

    (33:30) Random Things Kids Say

    (37:28) How School Nurse Pay Equates to Outpatient Jobs

    (43:10) What Makes a Good School Nurse

    About Saoirse Cummins, BSN, RN

    Saoirse “Sarah” Cummins has been a nurse for 5 years. She has worked as hospital staff, as an agency nurse abroad, and as a travel nurse within the US. Now Sarah has found where she fits as a school nurse. When not nursing she can be found painting terracotta pots and hanging out with Hashbrown, her corgi pup. To hear more from Saoirse, make sure to follow her on Instagram!

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