Ep. 23 - ER Nursing & NTI Conference Recap - Raul Vera MSN, RN, CNL

May 31, 2022

In this episode, we have a special recap from the NTI 2022 conference before speaking with a special guest, Raul Vera MSN, RN, CNL, about ER nursing. We discuss mental health and connecting with other nurses at NTI, a typical day as an ER nurse, how to navigate working with angry/difficult patients as a nurse, and more.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (4:28) NTI 2022 Recap
  • (9:07) The power to change your environment at work
  • (13:45) Most interesting topics from NTI 2022
  • (26:44) Mental health and connecting with others at NTI 
  • (31:12) Raul’s ER Experience
  • (39:35) Difference between an ER Tech and an ER Nurse
  • (46:18) Nurse/Patient Ratios in the ER
  • (54:52) Typical Day as an ER Nurse 
  • (58:26) How to navigate working with angry or difficult patients as a nurse 
  • (1:09:27) What aspects of ER nursing are most fulfilling
  • (1:15:01) What characteristics make a strong ER nurse 
  • (1:21:29) Wrap Up

About Raul Vera MSN, RN, CNL

Raul is a second career ER nurse whose journey into nursing began as an ER Tech while working his way through his undergrad degree in biology. On his path to nursing, he ventured through pharmaceutical sales, biotech sales, through medical device training, and finally into nursing. Raul now has an MSN and has worked as an ER nurse for 6 years.

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