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Nursing Resume Objective: Tips for Writing the Perfect Objective

With the ever-increasing swell of competition for the most coveted nursing jobs, starting your resume with a strong objective statement hooks the reader and helps you stand out in a sea of nurses with similar skills and goals. Your nursing resume objective is the first thing nurse hiring managers and recruiters see, and it sets the tone of your resume. Don’t waste space on an ineffective objective. Instead use these tips to craft a targeted, well-written nurse resume objective and snag the job you’ve always wanted.

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Decide whether to include a nursing resume objective

Before you tackle your objective, decide if it’s really worth it. A poorly written or uninspired resume objective doesn’t help and potentially hurts your chances of landing that coveted job. U.S. News actually puts resume objectives at the top of their things you shouldn’t include on your resume list because objectives can feel outdated, and the information is best served in your cover letter.

Choose between an objective and a summary

Old-fashioned nursing resume objectives basically state that you want to secure a job, which is obvious at this juncture. Instead, craft an overview of who you are and the skills you’ll bring to the facility in a career summary statement. Forbes points out that a career summary is often better for a highly experienced registered nurse resume objective or when you’re changing careers and want to tie together divergent career paths with transferable skills.

Crafting your nursing resume objective

Whether you decide to use a resume objective or a career summary, make sure you write it well. You only have about six seconds to distinguish yourself and convince a prospective employer they should take a closer look at what you have to offer. Keep it to just a couple of sentences, and consider these nurse objective tips:

  • Avoid cliches and overused words, instead use strong adjectives and relevant keywords to succinctly describe your hard and soft skills and exactly what you want out of this position specifically and your nursing career overall.
  • Generic objectives typically hit the slush pile, so tailor your objective and your entire resume so it aligns with the job description.
  • Research the facility to uncover details not listed in the job posting, and use this information to further customize your objective to their specific needs based on your own expertise.
  • Back up everything you highlight in your objective by fleshing out each detail later in your resume.


If you’re objective doesn’t add value to your resume, skip it; but if you can craft a concise, compelling summary that assures the reader you’re the only person for this job, use it. Accompany your stellar nursing resume with an attention-grabbing cover letter to land your dream job.

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