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Career Development August 21, 2020

CCU-ICU EMR Conversion RN Jobs

The Details

As more facilities and hospitals switch to higher end electronic medical record systems, so does the need for EMR conversion travel nurses. Advanced Travel Nursing, one of the country’s top staffing firms, is seeking qualified RNs for EMR Conversion positions in critical and intensive care units throughout the United States. We staff at the best facilities in great destinations from big cities to small towns. Our EMR conversion positions offer high-pay and outstanding benefits. You will gain invaluable experience in the location of your choice while earning what you truly deserve after all your hard work. If you are new travel but like the idea of a short-term EMR assignments, we have great resources to help you out. Check our State Board Licensure Info page or chat with us today!How much do CCU/ICU EMR Conversion Nurses Make? Every critical or intensive care unit is different, as is every EMR conversion position in these departments. Some will require that you offer training and others will require that you fill in for those being trained. This, coupled with the fact that wages and salaries change from location to location and facility to facility, makes it difficult to offer an estimate. We can tell you that RNs who are experienced in the EMR system being converted to will usually earn more. In addition, travelers are usually better compensated than their non-traveling counterparts because of high-pay, stipends, reimbursements, tax-breaks, and bonuses. 

We at Advanced recognize how hard registered nurses work and that they are the backbone of healthcare in our nation. This is why we make it a point to give them the best pay and benefits. Our compensation packages are top of the line. Here are a number of the perks you will get instant access to when you take your EMR Conversion job in a critical care or intensive care unit anywhere in the country: 

  • 24/7 Support
  • State Licensure Fees Covered
  • Meals & Incidentals Paid For
  • Paid Travel Expenses
  • Day 1 Medical, Dental & Vision
  • Professional General Liability Coverage
  • Free VIP Housing
  • 401(k) Retirement Package


Job Duties & Responsibilities

Beyond the awesome pay and perks, as a traveler, you also get more professional flexibility than staff or perm nurses. You can change locations, facilities, teams, and patient populations. This will allow you to nurture your skills as a professional while pursuing your own personal ambitions. That being said, the on-the-job responsibilities of a travel RN are not different to those who are permanently placed. Depending on the specific EMR conversion assignment, you may have duties such as:


ER/ED EMR Conversion Jobs

Patients in CCUs and ICUs are in critical condition, requiring round-the-clock and comprehensive care. This can make these departments relatively high-stress environments without the added stress of a medical record conversion. During the EMR Conversion, facilities need trained and compassionate RN professionals to support them as they transition.

These critical care or intensive care units need registered nurses who are one or more of the following:

  • Super-users: RNs who are expert users of the EMR system the hospital is converting to
  • Trainers: RNs who can train others in the system
  • CCU/ICU RNs: Nurses who have experience in the department to fill-in for those away for training

These travel assignments can be 13-weeks, the typical duration, shorter, or longer. The varying lengths of these assignments make them very popular among nurses looking to travel. They offer wonderful opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve in a convenient time frame.

Our travelers choose to work with us because we treat our nurses right, the way they deserve to be treated. We recognize that every nurse is on her or his own unique journey. Advanced Travel Nursing makes sure that you are heard, respected, and very well-compensated while you are on that journey.  We take care of you while you take care of others, and that’s our real bottom line.

We have an extensive and exclusive network of RN positions around the country and we place all of it at your fingertips so that you can create your own career path. We also have a dedicated team of recruiting and healthcare professionals who will provide you with any sort of assistance you need while you’re on-the-clock or off.  To explore our nationwide, high-paying CCU/ICU EMR Conversion jobs contact us today. You can also apply online and we will follow up with you as quickly as possible.