• Ohio Nursing License, Renewal and Verification Information

    Looking for information regarding an Ohio nursing license? What more can we say about a state that greets you directly from its name: “O-HI-o.” That friendly attitude can be found statewide, from Canton, to Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo, all great locations for those with an Ohio nursing license. And, if you’re simply looking to renew your Ohio nursing license, you’ll find this great state is more than happy to have you stick around and root for the Buckeyes. Ohio Nurse License

    Things to know about getting your Ohio nursing license 

    • » Temp license issued 1-2 weeks after paperwork received (available online within 24 hours) 
    • » Good for 180 days 
    • » Perm 4-6 months 
    • » NURSYS state 
    • » Ohio is a walk-through state 

    Documents needed when obtaining an Ohio nurse license 

    • » Notarized, completed application 
    • » Verification of original and current active licenses 
    • » Nursing school transcripts 

    Fees to be aware of:

    • » $75 application fee 
    • » $65 renewal fee 
    • » $115 late renewal 

    Ohio Board of Nursing, 17 South High St., Suite 400, Columbus Ohio, 43215; Call: (614) 466.3947; Web: www.nursing.ohio.gov   

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