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The Best Apps for Nurses: Our Top 10 for 2016

A back pocket full of references and reminders has become a reality for today’s nurses, working every day in hospitals and health systems. Whether cross-referencing a specific drug or planning patient care, they can now enjoy an added level of convenience on the job with a variety of nursing apps.

Some of our picks featured below are revived favorites--others, new to the game. Either way, take a peek at our top 10 roundup of the best apps for nurses in 2016:

Apps for purchase

Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials (iOS and Android). For $2.99, nurses can access this popular drug guide with or without an Internet connection, and get quick info on more than 4,500 search terms, including drug interactions, dosage and side effects. It is worth checking if your employer already has access to Micromedex, which includes access to a free version of this app.

Nurse’s Pocket Guide (iOS and Android): Although the $39.99 may be a tad steep, nurses have the option to experience the guide in preview mode, which allows access to certain topics, including diagnoses and recommendations. Features behind the paywall include lists of more than 400 medical conditions with corresponding diagnoses, care plan guides and a very comprehensive index search for quick navigation.

Black’s Medical Dictionary (iOS and Android): This app updates a classic medical dictionary that’s been in use for more than 100 years. The $14.99 app price provides RNs and others with a user-friendly interface, social-media elements--and, of course, access to more than 5,000 definitions of medical terms and lingo.

Free apps for nurses

NurseJobs (iOS): Keeping a pulse--no pun intended--on your own career is handy with the NurseJobs app. You can scan through the latest permanent, per diem and travel nursing opportunities, across specialties and across the country. Applying for jobs is also a cinch, with one quick contact form.

PEPID – free trial (iOS and Android): Nurses can sign up for a free trial of this relaunched, new-and-improved app, and have the option to buy suites a la carte within the app. It offers everything from pill identification and dosing calculators to integrated clinical content from the top healthcare associations.

AllNurses (iOS and Android): AllNurses wants to “help you become a better nurse,” and connectedness is the name of the game. Nurses have access to an industry network and available support 24/7 from their colleagues, for those looking to swap stories or experiences, “from nurses for nurses.” This app is also available in a wide range of languages.

Medscape (iOS and Android): A favorite of healthcare professionals, Medscape is an all-inclusive resource that offers drug look-up, including a drug interaction checker, a disease and condition reference and other perks such as image collectors, formulary info, procedural articles and a medical calculator. The app also has a clean interface to boot.

Nursegrid (iOS and Android): Nursegrid simplifies the scheduling process for nurses on the floor, as the “first calendar built for nurses, by nurses.” They can see who is working with them on every shift, use group or one-to-one messaging, or easily request a shift swap, even across multiple work sites. Confused by logistics? Video tutorials can help navigate all the app’s functionality.

MediBabble Translator (iOS); It may not be a typical nursing app, but MediBabble is a top pick due to its adaptability in vital medical situations. Nurses can download the app with Spanish already included, and other languages such as French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, German and Haitian Creole are available for free download as well. MediBabble is particularly useful for admissions, assessment and follow-up questions when nurses are caring for non-English patients, and in settings where interpreters may not be accessible.

CDC Vaccine Schedules (iOS and Android): In light of ongoing vaccine controversies, nurses working with infants, children and adults alike can scan the CDC app, including the immunization schedules recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Features such as the color-coding coordinates, automatic updates and hyperlinked vaccine information can help nurses quickly share resources and information to even the wariest of shot-takers.

Regardless of job stage or specialty, nurses can breathe a bit easier by having these mobile apps at their disposal to stay current and informed.


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