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10 Nurse Bloggers You Should be Following (and Why)

Nurse blogs are an excellent source of information regarding medical industry trends and on-the-job stories.  

Nurse bloggers cater to the unique needs of nurses, providing knowledgeable perspectives on shared experiences and valuable insight to real-world experiences.  

If you're a nurse looking for an entertaining read from someone who understands the unique challenges of your profession, here are 10 nurse bloggers you don't want to miss. 

10 Nurse Bloggers You Should be Following (And Why!)

1. Gail Ingram, NP - Nurse Gail 

Gail Ingram is the brains behind, a nurse blog that offers proven health and wellness advice while debunking common medical myths.  

The blog has grown to include contributions from nurses around the globe and is known for presenting reliable, evidence-based information on a variety of medical topics.  

Any nurse who has faced patients armed with Google printouts of the latest fads in medicine could benefit from Ingram's carefully researched blog posts that separate fact from fiction. 

2. Renee Thompson, DNP - Healthy Workforce Institute 

Renee Thompson was a nurse for 27 years and developed a passion for fighting back against the workplace bullying that seems to be so common in the nursing profession.  

Her original nurse blog and company was formed in 2010 and became the Healthy Workforce Institute in January of this year.  

Thompson's blog posts focus on developing a positive work environment, identifying bullying and abusive behavior and providing information on how nurses can protect themselves.  

Every nurse should take some time to read through her posts to learn how to set professional boundaries and what actions can be taken if those boundaries are crossed. 

3. Donna Cardillo, RN - The Inspiration Nurse 

Donna Cardillo is known for her inspirational public speaking events, focusing on helping people find happiness and fulfillment in their lives.  

She maintains two blogs, one for motivational posts and one written for nurses. The Nurse Power! Blog offers tips to help nurses bring out the best of themselves through their profession and provide higher quality of care.  

All nurses can benefit from Cardillo’s uplifting perspectives to increase professional satisfaction and improve the relationships they have with their patients.

4. William Blake, RN - Nurse Blake 

William Blake considers himself an advocate for nurses and patients, and he is the founder of the Nurse Blake website. As a nurse blogger, Blake does an excellent job of covering a variety of relevant topics with humor and personality.  

His site also features his many humorous nursing videos, guaranteed to bring a chuckle, even on your worst days. Inspired by his own experiences as a gay man, Blake's posts regarding the unique nursing needs of the LGBTQ community are particularly informative. 

5. Brittney Wilson, RN - The Nerdy Nurse 

The Nerdy Nurse, a tech-heavy blog maintained by Brittney Wilson, is consistently ranked in the top 20 nurse blogs on the web.  

Although the site covers many nursing topics, the technology posts set it apart from the rest. Wilson has a way of breaking down the latest nursing technological advances in a way that is accessible and easy to digest.  

Nurses can learn all the ways technology can be used to improve their professional performance and patient outcomes. 

6. Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC - Nurse Keith 

Keith Carlson has been a nurse since 1996. He hosts three nursing podcasts and maintains his popular nurse blog, Digital Doorway.  

Carlson is a self-proclaimed "holistic career coach" and focuses much of his writing on providing career advice to nurses and other healthcare professionals.  

Nurses with a drive for professional success and satisfaction can benefit from Carlson's motivational writing style and positive approach to a variety of nursing career topics.

7. The Frugal Nurse 

The woman behind Frugal Nurse has over 30 years of nursing experience and focuses her attention on the overuse of medical interventions.  

After her husband suffered complications due to medical errors that almost cost him his life in 2010 and the shock of seeing the resulting medical bills, she now writes about the trend of over-treatment in the healthcare industry.  

Nurses can benefit from her advice on navigating a broken healthcare system and improving communication to help patients receive only the cost-effective medical interventions they need. 

8. Joni Watson, MSN, MBA, RN, OCN - Nursetopia 

Joni Watson is the creator behind Nursetopia, a nurse blog that reads like a stream of consciousness. Her posts are often a celebration of all the wonderful people who choose to develop a career in nursing, and the page offers fun digital content, such as funny memes and Facebook frames, to share her passion for the industry.  

Nurses who need to feel appreciation for the sacrifices they make will enjoy her encouraging tone and practical selfcare advice. 

9. Jerome Stone, RN - Minding the Bedside 

Jerome Stone has been a registered nurse for over 30 years and has a passion for meditation.  

His nurse blog, Minding the Bedside, focuses on the importance of maintaining a balanced mind to improve interactions with patients.  

All nurses can benefit from his simple meditation instructions to reduce stress levels and improve patient care. 

10. Gomer Blog 

The Gomer Blog is maintained through the collective efforts of many writers, including several nurse bloggers. Although the site is inclusive of all healthcare professionals, there are sections of the blog that are dedicated to nurses.  

This blog is the place to go when you need a dose of the irreverent humor that is often found between professionals who face life or death decisions in the workplace.

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