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10 Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Travel Nurses

10 Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Travel Nurses

Make a nurse’s holiday calm, comfortable and bright with special gifts

By Megan Murdock Krischke

Travel nurses may live a life of adventure, but their workdays are often filled with critical decisions, suffering patients, physical exertion and a fast pace. This holiday season, consider giving your favorite traveling nurse a gift that brings joy and lightens the load. And, yes, treating yourself is allowed!

Consider these 10 ideas to make the holidays brighter for travel nurses:

Pamper those feet

1. Maybe compression socks sound like the epitome of boring, but these whimsical designs will rock your socks off. Putting these on before heading to work will make travel nurses feel like they can take on the world.

2. This minty foot and leg lotion brings an energizing tingle to revive and restore after 12+ hours on the floor.

3. These cute Tom kicks will tell the world she’s a nurse, even when she’s off the clock.

Relaxation station

4. If you know a night nurse, you know that sleep is a precious commodity. This special Do Not Disturb sign will help a nurse catch those precious Zs.

5. Want to be “on trend”? Coloring is growing in popularity among adults as a form of meditation. It helps to quiet the body and mind while stimulating creativity. The books recommended here range from cats and owls to cityscapes to an anatomy coloring book.

Fun on the job

6. Looking for a little self-expression? These charming ID reels will spruce up any set of nursing scrubs.

7. Jewelry featuring an EKG heartbeat design is both a classy and personal gift for the nurse on your list.

8. So maybe this isn’t fun, but it comes in fun colors and prevents no-fun-neck pain: the Hip Clip stethoscope holder. Carrying something even as light as a stethoscope can put unneeded tension on the wearer’s neck. This clip allows medical professionals to keep stethoscopes close at hand without burdening the spine.

Small gifts that say a big thank you

9. Whether you identify with Miss Colorado’s now-famous monologue or not, you can let your favorite caregiver know that you know he or she isn’t “just a nurse” with this decal that can be applied to a car window or computer case.

10. A thoughtful Christmas ornament might be just the thing to let a nurse know that he or she is valued by you and by those he or she serves everyday.


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