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    Get Your North Dakota Nursing License for Travel Nursing

    Travelers with a sense of adventure have been exploring North Dakota since before the days of Lewis and Clark, and the state still beckons with blue skies, rich farmlands, rugged buttes, pristine lakes and unspoiled natural treasures.

    Today’s travel nurses will also find modern cities, friendly towns and plenty to keep themselves busy on their days off. Your adventure begins with a North Dakota nursing license.

    Once you arrive, you can enjoy hiking, biking or horseback riding in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, or a variety of water sports in the state’s rivers and lakes. Check out numerous historic sites, then find your fun in Fargo (proudly touted as “North of Normal”), take in the zoo and amenities in Bismark, experience the college-town vibe in Grand Forks or take a quick trip across the border to Canada.

    What about all that snow? Residents take advantage of it with all types of winter sports, while enjoying recreational opportunities, festivals and events throughout the year.

    Whether you already hold a multistate nursing license or need to get your nursing license in North Dakota by endorsement, the team at American Mobile can help make your travel nursing dreams a reality.

    Is North Dakota a Compact State?

    North Dakota is a compact state in the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). Therefore, if you hold a multistate RN license, issued by your primary state of residency, you are well on your way to working in the Peace Garden State—because you can take travel nursing jobs in North Dakota without the need for additional licensing.

    How to Apply for a North Dakota Nursing License

    Nurses who do not have an NLC multistate license but hold an active nursing license in another state or U.S. territory can apply for a North Dakota Board of Nursing license by endorsement. First time licensees would apply for licensure by examination.

    What you’ll need for North Dakota nurse licensure by endorsement:

    • A U.S. Social Security number
    • Official transcripts from an approved nursing program that includes clinical experience, sent directly to the North Dakota Board of Nursing (NDBON);
    • Verification of initial nurse licensure by examination and any other current nurse licenses;
    • Verification of recent practice or education within the past four (4) years:
    • 400 hours of licensed nursing practice, or, you must have completed your nursing program, or, you must have completed a board approved refresher course.
    • Completed online application for nurse licensure by endorsement, accompanied by a $160 initial licensing/processing fee;
    • Fingerprinting, forms and fees paid for a criminal background check

    Once all documentation is received and approved, the NDBON is quick to issue nurse licenses—often within a week—and the licensing team at American Mobile is available to answer any questions and help you through the process.

    How to Renew Your Nursing License in North Dakota

    Registered nurses can renew their North Dakota nursing licenses on a biennial basis through the Board of Nursing’s website, by updating their information and paying the $120 fee ($110 for LPNs). Individuals renewing a nursing license must meet or exceed 400 hours of nursing practice in the preceding four years and must complete 12 contact hours of continuing education (CE) within the preceding two years. See the NDBON website for some exceptions.

    Your Journey in North Dakota Awaits

    The travel nursing experts at American Mobile can find your ideal travel assignments, walk you through the North Dakota RN licensing process, set you up with housing, and may reimburse your licensing fees.

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