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Travel nursing jobs offer the best of both worlds: A chance to enhance your career as a registered nurse, while also experiencing unique, once-in-a-lifetime adventures traveling throughout the United States. 

But don`t just take our word for it — check out the travel nursing testimonials below and find out what RNs like you have to say about the American Mobile experience.

  • Critical Care RN Maximizes Travel Nursing Opportunities

    Travel nursing assignments with American Mobile have opened up personal and professional opportunities for critical care nurse Laura Reynolds. Reynolds is an ICU nurse who travels with American Mobile Healthcare, an AMN Healthcare company. “I knew I wanted to work as a critical care nurse ever since nursing school,” she said. “I enjoy the challenge of caring for very ill patients in fast-paced environments, and I’ve always enjoyed traveling."

  • Different Specialties, Shared Travel RN Dream

    Lauren Roman, RN, and Mike Vallely, RN, met while in their senior year at the Ellis Hospital School of Nursing in Schenectady, N.Y. They researched information about travel nursing and decided to pursue their dream in August 2013. 

  • Compassion and Strength: The PICU Nurse Experience

    The pediatric ICU nurse job description involves helping to medically manage patients through collaboration with physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and therapists. Read about Kathy Bui's experience.

  • Adventure as a Way of Life

    When Rebecca Devine, RN, finished her 18-month obligation to the Philadelphia hospital, she was ready for an adventure. She signed on with American Mobile and, in January 2008, began her journey. 

  • Traveling Introduces Nurse to New Friends and Activities

    When Jay Hall, RN, began traveling six years ago, he never expected it would change his life and introduce him to the Middle Ages.

  • Traveling Allows Fulfillment of Lifelong Dream

    It’s not everyday someone can fulfill a lifelong dream to take off for months and bicycle across the country. Limited vacation time typically stands in the way. Interventional radiology and critical-care nurse Kevin Miller, RN, found a way to make it happen, taking his nursing skills on the road.

  • Traveler Wins “Nurse of the Year” Award at His Assignment Hospital

    For Tim Aldrich, RN, winning the “Nurse of the Year” award at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in New Jersey was a great honor, but also a huge surprise. That’s because Aldrich was the first travel nurse to ever win the hospital’s prestigious annual award. In previous years, the award was strictly reserved for staff nurses.

  • Traveler Learns New Skills and Finds Self

    Christine Cooper, RN, dedicated her life to children—her own three and the youngsters she cared for as a pediatric nurse. But as she approached her middle years, Cooper wanted to experience more. Travel nursing offered opportunities to enrich her career and her life.

  • Searching for the Perfect Shot

     Medical-surgical nurse Jennifer Metz, RN, caught the travel bug early, spending her childhood summer vacations camping or driving across the country with her adventurous dad. Now as an adult with grown children, she’s back on the road in search of an ideal place and for the perfect photograph.

  • This RN Enjoys the Surprises of her Job Assignments

    Today, Tammy Jones-Conn, RN, says she likes to “get up and see where the wind blows me,” but that was not always the case. Jones-Conn worked as an LPN for 15 years before earning her nursing degree three years ago at Spencerian College in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. She was happy in her first job as an RN, working in a Level I Trauma Unit at the University of Louisville Hospital, with no plans to follow any other career path.

  • Enjoying Professional Growth and a Big Dose of Fun

    It would be a challenge to find a nurse who is more enthusiastic about travel nursing than Susan Hearin, RN, BSN.

  • Traveler Embraces Adventures of the Southwest

     Adventure and excitement never seem to elude Jeanne Alford, RN, a critical care nurse on assignment with travel staffing company American Mobile Healthcare.

  • Travel Nursing as a Working Vacation

    Since starting his travel nursing career four years ago, Aaron Moore, RN, has been all over the United States in pursuit of all things outdoors.

  • Travel Nurse Meets Senator Hillary Clinton

    What seemed like a routine conversation with a patient and his wife turned out to be much more for Jen Burkholder, RN.

  • Nurse Finds Reward Traveling in One Region

    Initially intending to spend some time with her family in Missouri, California trauma surgical nurse Lesley Bradley, RN, signed up with leading staffing company American Mobile Healthcare, but as sometimes happens, fate got in the way, and she has stayed on in the Golden State.

  • An RN’s Passion for Life

    With a nursing career spanning several decades, Kathryn (Kat) Madigan, RN, has only managed to gain more enthusiasm and passion for her career with each passing year.

  • Almost Famous: An RN’s Celebrity Encounter

     For Brooke Cohen, RN, what seemed like a normal day on assignment at a pediatric oncology unit in Oakland, California turned out to be much more.

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