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How can travel nursing enhance your career as an RN?

The decision to become a travel nurse, for many RNs, originated more than 20 years ago as a way to provide skilled nursing professionals to medical facilities experiencing temporary staffing shortfalls.

Today, travel nursing has evolved into a satisfying career option for RNs who enjoy a flexible schedule, career growth and the ability to travel to new destinations.

Assignments typically range from eight to 26 weeks. It's a great way to change environments and engage with the latest medical technology in a variety of cutting-edge healthcare facilities.

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travel-nursingOur travel nursing programs will help you find assignments that best match your immediate and future career needs. With decades of experience, American Mobile understands the importance of partnering with an expert who values your needs.

American Mobile offers local travel nurse jobs, as well as nursing jobs all across the nation. We'll place you in an assignment tailored to your requests and registered nursing specialty, whether you're a recent grad or seasoned professional.

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We take pride in offering world-class compensation packages that include everything you need in your ideal travel nursing job.

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