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By Melissa Wirkus Hagstrom, contributor

Planning your next travel nursing contract for the winter, or Take our quizall settled in at your holiday destination? In either case, there is seasonal fun to be had around the country. Travel nurses have endless options, from basking in the balmy sun with a healthy holiday beach picnic in California, to donning scarves and sipping homemade cider in Oklahoma. Read on to discover which destination fits your personality, and take the fun Scrubs Magazine Holiday Destinations Quiz sponsored by American Mobile to find out for sure!

Back East: Bundle Up for Snowy Fun

Curled up cozy by the fire may be your travel ideal destination

Picture this: a crackling fireplace, snow gently drifting outside, cozy flannel pajamas, and a tasty “hot toddy” in hand. If this sounds like your idea of bliss, consider an assignment on the East Coast. From ice skating in Central Park to enjoying the winter wonderlands of the New England countryside, there really is something for everyone.

Midwest/Northern U.S.: Traditional & Trendy Holiday Flavors

If you have an obsession with anything apple- or pumpkin-infused (coffee, cookies, name it), then an assignment in any of the states of the Midwest/North could be for you. Have a slice of pie and marvel at the impeccably-decorated “Great Tree” in Macy's, located at Chicago’s State Street Walnut Room restaurant--which is also a National Historic Landmark. Or, if you are looking for something a little trendier, head on over to Milwaukee’s downtown historic Third Ward where you’ll find cool bars, art galleries and other hipster hangouts--and yes, a pumpkin-spiced latte or two.

Surfing with Santa may be your ideal holiday destination

The West: Surf, Sun and Santa

There’s much more to the West than surf and sand--that may be your favorite part (and it sure is ours!). Experience true holiday splendor at the historic Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego, or, if you’re thinking about heading up north, book your tickets for a showing of the Nutcracker performed by the prestigious San Francisco Ballet. For those of you who need to infuse some exercise into your agenda, Breckenridge, Colo., is home to the “Race of the Santas,” where locals dress up as Mr. Claus for a quick jaunt followed by a block party!

Down South: Soul Food & Southern Charm

From old-time southern traditions--like stuffing stockings with delicious citrus fruits instead of toys, to digging into a smoked turkey, deep in the heart of Texas--the Southern states are a foodie’s paradise. If the fare is not your focus, consider an assignment in a city rich with holiday tradition, such as Charleston, S.C., or Athens, Ga., where you’ll find copious amounts of holiday decor, magnolia wreaths, and your favorite Christmas carols.

Each region has its own seasonal charm, but are you ready to find out which holiday destination is the best match for you? Take the fun Holiday Personality Quiz, hosted by our friends at Scrubs Magazine!

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