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Travel Nursing Jobs in Connecticut

Get ready to embrace an east coast adventure and join other traveling nurses in Connecticut. Connecticut has been a wonderful and desired destination for travel nurses. Many travel RN’s chose Connecticut to be close to New York City for one-off day or even weekend adventures. But also, the East Coast state provides the ‘homey,’ quieter environment, for nurses while they are in between shifts.

American Mobile has relationships with many of the top hospitals and healthcare facilities in Connecticut and in turn, give access to a variety of assignment choices throughout the state. Consider becoming an American Mobile travel nurse in Connecticut today to build your nursing resume, but also embark on a new life journey. 

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What's the Salary for Connecticut Travel Nursing Jobs? Earn up to $2,200/week

When taking a travel nursing assignment in Connecticut you can earn anywhere from $1,200 to $2,200 a week! Weekly pay packages vary depending on the assignment, facility, specialty, and experience.

Although, it is fascinating to know that you have the potential to earn close to $28,600 in a 13-week assignment with American Mobile. Whereas, the average Connecticut registered nurse earns $87,600 annually. Our recruiters can help you understand the details of a pay package and all that encompasses a travel nurse salary, prior to accepting any assignment.

Not Your Basic Benefits

Compensation for travel nursing is one of the main benefits of working with American Mobile. Our nurses and support staff believe in providing the best patient care, therefore, we ensure our travelers have access to the best benefits when they are on the road.

If you chose to work with American Mobile, you and your family will gain access to premium health benefits starting from the first day of your assignment. You will also be able to discuss your travel arrangements with your recruiter and in most cases get reimbursed for any additional costs moving may cause. You also gain access to additional items, like; mental health resources and travelers discounts that will ease your stress. Our clinical staff is the largest of all travel nursing agencies, and we will ensure you get all of your questions answered when you need them answered.


Connecticut Cities with Highest-Paying Travel Nurse Jobs

The average travel nurse jobs salary in Connecticut was about $2,132 per week on March 1, 2024. Today, you can find jobs with a salary range between $1,449 to $2,806 per week. The cities with the highest paying jobs include:

In Connecticut, there are a number of hospital facilities with nursing staff including: Northwestern Medical Center in Saint Albans, Penn State Health in Hershey, Cottage Hospital-MF in Woodsville, Hartford Hospital in Hartford, and Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis are well known in Connecticut.

If you have a specific start date in mind, the soonest available in Connecticut is May 5, 2024 for a Registered Nurse – Oncology - Oncology role at $2,507 per week. The latest start date for an RN job is May 13, 2024 for a Registered Nurse – Labor & Delivery - LD role at $2,677 per week.

There are a variety of contract lengths available for a travel nursing job in Connecticut including 13 Weeks (837 jobs), 12 Weeks (140 jobs), and 7 Weeks (23 jobs).

Connecticut's Exclusive Travel Nurse Jobs

There are currently 5 exclusive American Mobile RN jobs in Connecticut. You won't find these Registered Nurse jobs anywhere else. Start by scrolling through RN jobs based on average salary, contract duration, and shift types to find your perfect travel nurse job. You can earn between $1,935 - $2,677 a week and the average weekly salary for these exclusive RN jobs is $2,293. Apply for exclusive top paying traveling RN jobs in these popular Connecticut cities:

Opportunities Beyond the Hospital

Whether you want to embrace the east coast winter, or adventure the countryside in the beautiful summer weather, Connecticut is a wonderful place to begin your travel nursing journey. Known for the culinary, arts, and history, Connecticut is also a wonderful place to relax. Connecticut offers a countryside full of infamous vineyards, perfect for socializing, but also a seaside for escaping the noise of the city!

We value the needs of our traveling nurses and ensure that the experience in Connecticut is nothing but great. Many of our CT nurses extend their assignment as they engulf themselves into the culture and fall in love with the dining and social scene.

If you are considering taking your family, Connecticut offers beautiful trails for walking your dog, as well as a slower suburban area which is perfectly adaptable for newer families. Our recruitment team is here to help you decide whether Connecticut is the next stop on your journey.

Connecticut has some of the best travel nurse job opportunities in the country, and we currently have 47 travel nurse jobs available.

Travel nurse jobs are currently available in cities like Hartford, Sharon, Danbury and Norwalk. Connecticut hospitals and health care facilities are looking for all types of specialists including Telemetry (13 jobs), ICU (7 jobs), Psych (4 jobs), PCU (4 jobs), ER (4 jobs) and more.

We have new travel nurse jobs posted daily, so be sure to Apply Now so our specialists can make sure you get first crack when a new job opens up. We make it as easy as possible for you to compare nursing jobs by allowing you to filter based on traveling nurse salary, shift type, location or duration to find the right job for you.

With great things to do, people to meet and places to see, Connecticut is a popular place for travel jobs! Also be sure to check out our resources on how to become a travel nurse and nursing license renewal.

FAQs about Travel Nurse Jobs in Connecticut

On average, how much does a travel nurse make in Connecticut?

The highest paid travel nurse jobs in Connecticut can make up to $2,683 per week.

How long is the most common contract duration for travel nursing jobs in Connecticut?

The average length for travel nurse jobs in Connecticut based on recent data is 13 weeks.

How many Connecticut travel nurse job opportunities are currently available?

In Connecticut there are 47 job opportunities for a traveling nurse to choose from.

What cities have the highest paying travel nursing jobs in Connecticut?

  • Hartford, Connecticut $2,683 / per week average salary
  • Sharon, Connecticut $2,677 / per week average salary
  • Danbury, Connecticut $2,507 / per week average salary
  • Norwalk, Connecticut $2,476 / per week average salary

What nursing specialties are needed most in Connecticut right now?

  • Telemetry - 13 jobs available now
  • ICU - 7 jobs available now
  • Psych - 4 jobs available now
  • PCU - 4 jobs available now
  • ER - 4 jobs available now

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Top Travel Nurse Salaries in Connecticut

Find the nurse travel jobs in Connecticut with the highest salaries below and contact a recruiter today:

Cities Average Salary Highest paying job in each city
Danbury $2,391 /week* Registered Nurse – Oncology $2,507 per week
Norwalk $2,362 /week* Registered Nurse – Oncology $2,476 per week
Sharon $2,238 /week* Registered Nurse – Labor & Delivery $2,677 per week
Hartford $2,135 /week* Registered Nurse – Cardiac Catheterization Lab $2,683 per week

Connecticut’s Top Opportunities by Specialty

American Mobile receives new travel nurse jobs in Connecticut each day from hospitals and healthcare facilities. If you are looking for a specific Connecticut travel nurse job, please see below for in-demand nursing specialties needed throughout the state:

Specialty Average Salary Cities with highest paying jobs
LD $2,402 /week* Sharon
Oncology $2,376 /week* Danbury and Norwalk
CVICU $2,244 /week* Hartford
PCU $2,085 /week* Hartford
ICU $2,084 /week* Hartford and Sharon
Telemetry $2,042 /week* Hartford
Psych $2,025 /week* Stafford Springs
ER $1,931 /week* Hartford and Stafford Springs
OR $1,910 /week*
Home Health $1,549 /week* Trumbull

We can help you obtain your Connecticut nursing license!

Connecticut may not be at the top of your list for traveling, but you may want to reconsider! This is the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life while on your next travel nursing assignment. Our recruitment team can find your dream job and guide you through the steps to get your Connecticut nursing license.

What are the best hospitals in Connecticut?

This small state has great opportunities to grow in your travel nursing career. Discover the myriad of rewarding positions available in some of the best facilities across the state. The American Mobile team of specialist are eager to accompany you in your search for your next travel nursing assignment.    

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