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Travel Nursing Jobs: The Industry's Largest Database of Career Opportunities

American Mobile offers the chance to embark on an unforgettable adventure while earning a paycheck and advancing your RN skills. Whether you want to begin a nursing career in California, Texas, or New York; our team of recruiters are here to help you land your desired nursing job.

At American Mobile, we partner with the best healthcare facilities and hospitals throughout the U.S. Whether you want to work in an outpatient facility, rehab center or one of the top U.S. hospitals, we are the first to know about the available assignments. Aspiring travel nurses can also search for jobs exclusive to American Mobile traveling nurses. This means, nurses will get first choice to apply to the jobs offered by our exclusive healthcare partners.

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You can find the perfect travel nurse job by filtering; location, start date, salary, specialty and or length of assignment. As the industry leader, American Mobile has thousands of available nursing jobs with assignment lengths varying between 4-24 weeks!

Nursing is a rewarding career as you are helping care for others in need, and sometimes in life-threatening situations. But as a traveling nurse, you will also enjoy a number of benefits, including higher pay, invaluable work experience, and endless amounts of adventure. 

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