Ep. 63 - Nurse Entrepreneurship - Adam Banuelos

February 6, 2024

In this episode, Adam Banuelos RN, BSN, CEO & Co-founder Firefly Vein Light LLC, joins the show to discuss nurse entrepreneurship. We talk through the process of building a product and he gives advice to other nurses wanting to become entrepreneurs.

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We Discuss

(0:00) Introduction

(2:30) What is a vein light

(7:39) How Firefly was created

(12:12) How to build Firefly

(19:27) Firefly prototype

(27:50) Creating the first product

(33:31) Marketing Firefly

(43:23) Revamping Firefly

(45:00) Firefly feedback

(54:30) Advice to other nurse entrepreneurs

About The Guest

  • Adam Banuelos is a pediatric emergency room nurse turned entrepreneur when he recognized consistencies in delays in care due to failed IV attempts in infants and newborns. Adam is the co-founder and co-creator of the Firefly Vein Light®, a portable vein finder specifically for infants and newborns that nurses can carry on them at all times. Before nursing, he studied business marketing and worked in the wine industry as a sales and marketing account manager, which has helped tremendously in the road to entrepreneurship.

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fireflyveinlight/

    Website: https://www.fireflyveinlight.com

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