Ep. 56 - ICU vs. ER Nursing - Jorge Garcia

October 17, 2023

In this episode, Jorge Garcia, BSN RN joins the show to discuss the differences between ICU and ER nursing. We discuss which ones have the best patient interactions, who has the best stories, patient populations, and much more!

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Introduction

    (3:20) Patient Populations

    (15:44) Does ICU or ER Nursing Have Better Team Work?

    (24:34) Who Runs the Better Codes

    (31:40) Better Patient Interactions

    (38:22) Which Nurse Would Win a Bar Fight

    (43:23) Should You Start in the ICU or ER

    (52:50) Does ICU or ER Have Better Stories?

  • About The Guest

    Jorge graduated in August 2018 with his BSN and has worked ICU and ER throughout his career. He started travel nursing in October of 2020 and has completed ICU contracts in Atlanta, Houston, The Woodlands, Tampa, and Las Cruces. Jorge just recently accepted a position as a flight nurse and will be starting later this month. He has a love for critical care nursing, going to the gym, and investing in real estate.


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