Ep. 47 - Nursing School: Stories & Tips to Succeed - Brittany Roberts

June 13, 2023

In this episode, nursing school professor Brittany Roberts, MSN-Ed, RN, CCRN, joins the show to talk about how to survive nursing school. We discuss tips on how to succeed and reminisce about our experiences during school.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (2:30) Brittany’s Experience as a Professor
  • (7:43) Are Nursing Students Helping Each Other
  • (11:46) How Has Nursing School Changed
  • (19:52) Stories From Nursing School
  • (28:15) First Code
  • (35:01) Tips for Surviving Nursing School
  • (48:10) How the NCLEX Has Changed

About the Guest

Brittany Roberts is currently a professor in a BSN program. After graduating from JMU with her BSN, she worked on a step-down unit for a few years before going into the ICU realm. She has worked in a coronary care unit, cardiac cath lab, and Cardiac Surgery ICU. During the pandemic, the CSICU doubled as a COVID-ICU as well.

While working at the bedside, she discovered a love of teaching both new grad nurses and students. She pursued an MSN in Nursing Education from Duke University so she could further explore this passion for education and help usher in the next generation of nurses.

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