Ep. 21 – Everything to Know About CRNA - Michael Blaise Sims MSN MBA, CRNA

March 29, 2022

On this episode, we dove into the world of anesthesia and what it means to be a CRNA. Special guest, Blaise Sims MSN MBA, CRNA, joined us to talk about his CRNA career, outline common misconceptions about CRNA, share tips and advice for new CRNAs, and more.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (2:07) Did Blaise Always Know He Wanted to Be a CRNA?
  • (3:40) What is CRNA School Like 
  • (9:10) Imposter Syndrome When Starting Out
  • (13:00) CRNA School Prerequisites
  • (14:18) Common Misconceptions About CRNA 
  • (22:13) What Assessments Do You Have During Surgery
  • (27:55) How Much Variety Do You See in Your Day
  • (33:11) Most Difficult CRNA Procedures
  • (44:05) Logistics of Being a CRNA
  • (49:17) 24hr Shifts as a CRNA
  • (52:10) Difference Between 1099 vs W2 Nurses
  • (57:03) Tips & Advice for New CRNA's 

About Blaise Sims MSN, MBA, CRNA

Blaise is a CRNA currently working as site chief in the Houston Gulf Coast region, nine years into his anesthesia practice. Before anesthesia, he worked as an ER tech and RN intern, then as an RN he worked in a trauma neuro ICU full time and worked PRN in the MICU, SICU, CICU, and ER. His previous anesthesia experience includes working at the Debakey Heart and Vascular Institute where he performed Heart, Lung, and Kidney transplants as well as all major aorta and vascular procedures.

In December of 2020, Blaise graduated from LSUS with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). He chose to pursue his MBA to educate himself for future leadership opportunities and obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the business side of healthcare and anesthesia. He gives back to the nursing community through mentoring young RNs new to their career, providing guidance and advice. He also has a charity that performs service trips in areas of need abroad. These service trips provide critical access to surgeries otherwise not available. They also provide amazing learning opportunities for the volunteer RNs that participate. When not working, Blaise is married with two children. His wife and kiddos are the reason behind everything he does.

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