Ep. 18 – Postpartum Nursing & Amanda's Debt Free Journey - Amanda Ruchti, RN, BSN

February 15, 2022

On this episode, we got to dive into postpartum nursing and discuss finances for nurses. Special guest, Amanda Ruchti, RN, BSN, shared her nursing and financial journey, detailing her experience as a postpartum nurse, budgeting tips for nurses, work-life balance, goal setting, and more.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (2:40) Amanda's Nursing Background
  • (4:45) Day in the Life of a Postpartum Nurse
  • (9:30) Abnormal Postpartum Assessments
  • (10:45) Women's Health Nurse Floating
  • (14:48) Educating Patients
  • (17:00) Lactation Consulting Certification for Nurses
  • (20:16) Most Difficult Situations for Postpartum Nurses
  • (22:10) Working with Newborn Baby Drug Withdrawal as a Postpartum Nurse
  • (27:24) Amanda's Debt Free Journey
  • (32:20) Budgeting for Nurses
  • (35:05) Planning Monthly Expenses
  • (36:40) Best Money & Savings Apps
  • (40:14) Work-Life Balance & Goals for the Year
  • (45:16) Amanda's YouTube Channel

About Amanda Ruchti, RN, BSN

Amanda has been a nurse for about two and a half years now and works as a postpartum nurse. She has shared her journey from nursing school to navigating the night shift and being a new nurse on her YouTube channel where she is better known as Amanda Lynn—also sharing her struggles with paying off debt and navigating life as a nurse and content creator.

Where to Find Amanda Online:

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