Ep. 13 – What It's Like Being a Flight Nurse - Hannah MacIsaac, CFRN

November 9, 2021

On this episode, we were able to speak with a certified flight registered nurse about her experience caring for patients through air transport. Special guest, Hannah MacIsaac, CFRN, discussed flight nursing practices at her current location in Washington State, detailing the typical patient calls for a flight team, rural vs. city flight nursing, the biggest challenges and rewards of flight nursing, and more.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) An introduction to Hannah and her nursing background
  • (8:36) Hannah’s experience as a flight nurse in Washington
  • (14:44) Useful nursing prerequisites to flight nursing
  • (16:46) Typical calls for a flight nurse in Washington
  • (27:03) Resources for flight nurses while on the job
  • (28:57) Types of patients treated by flight nurses
  • (37:31) Comparing rural vs. city flight transport
  • (44:23) The biggest challenges and rewards of flight nursing

About Hannah MacIsaac, CFRN

Hannah has been a nurse since 2014, working in adult and pediatric intensive care before becoming a flight nurse in 2020. After growing up moving around the world with a father in the Navy, she now calls the Pacific Northwest home as a CFRN in Washinton State.

About the Show

Producer – Jonathan Cary

Assistant Producers – Katie Schrauben & Sam MacKay

Music & Editing – Aidan Dykes

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