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Opportunities Plentiful for OR Nurse Travelers


Perioperative nurses have more travel nurse career options across the U.S. with American Mobile’s exclusive jobs

By Megan Murdock Krischke, contributor

Are you an operating room nurse looking for a change of pace? A short-term travel nursing job in a new location might be just the ticket. Perioperative (OR) travel nurses are consistently in high demand, which allows qualified candidates to have their pick of location, type of facility and shift.

Jenna Scaduto, senior recruitment manager, American Mobile

“There are always hundreds of OR positions available and in a variety of locations all across the country. We have everything from assignments in same-day surgery centers to 1,000-bed hospitals and Magnet and research hospitals. Whatever the shape or size, American Mobile is there,” remarked Jenna Scaduto, senior recruitment manager for American Mobile Healthcare, an AMN Healthcare company.

Whether interested in adult, pediatric, CVOR, ambulatory or any other perioperative nursing positions, OR nurses have a wealth of options to gain experience in a variety of facilities--all while exploring the country, making new friends and expanding their résumé.

“Because there is so much competition to fill positions, a lot of hospitals incentivize their packages to make themselves stand out,” explained Scaduto.

“For a nurse looking to build his or her résumé, traveling offers the chance to work with other hospitals and RNs side by side to learn more and gain experience with different types of surgeries,” she continued.  “We have exclusive contracts at some of U.S. News and World Report’s top-rated hospitals. Filling a travel position might be an opportunity to get a foot in the door more easily than applying as a staff nurse.”

“The hospitals we’ve contracted with are fantastic and love working with AMN travelers,” said Scaduto. “They are very traveler-friendly and provide a smooth transition for our nurses. Once an OR nurse applies, she’ll have access to a dedicated recruiter who will match her needs and preferences and provide more detail about our exclusive opportunities across the U.S.”

Jenna Radke, RN, BSN, has been able to expand her perioperative nursing skills as a travel nurse with American Mobile.  In her OR position prior to becoming a travel nurse, she assisted primarily with gynecology and urology procedures, but as an OR nurse traveler, she has also had the opportunity to assist in neurology, orthopedics and general surgeries.

“One of the things I love most about being a traveler is meeting new people,” she noted. “When I meet someone, I see it as an opportunity to learn something--especially within the OR.  Every doctor is going to do things a little differently. When I learn something that works well at one hospital, I can offer that suggestion to help other hospitals in the future.”

Radke said she is making the most of this time in her life to expand her nursing skills while exploring new places.

“There are so many places I want to go,” she remarked.


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