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The Travel Nurse's Guide to Philadelphia

Why Philadelphia?

“The City of Brotherly Love” is also Pennsylvania’s largest city, offering travel nurses a dynamic experience full of deep history and fun things to do. Philadelphia has a robust healthcare scene with several highly ranked hospitals and medical centers. In fact, it’s known as a city of “Healthcare Firsts” including the first hospital in the United States, the first medical school, and the first children’s hospital! When it comes to art and culture, Philadelphia has that covered too. The city is known for a thriving public art scene that includes sculptures and murals, beautiful museums, and meticulous gardens. Travel nurses looking to have it all can find everything
they’re seeking in Philadelphia.

Lifestyle Benefits

This 2nd largest city on the East Coast is centrally located, making it easy to get to many other major cities nearby. Travel nurses can enjoy day trips to New York (about 1 hour 20 minutes away) and Washington DC. (1 hour 45 minutes).

There are countless benefits to living and working in Philadelphia, and the ability to earn excellent compensation as a travel nurse is certainly on that list. Travel nursing is an exciting way to make great money and benefit from countless other perks such as:

The ability to choose when and where you want to work - Philadelphia is home to over 20 hospitals and medical centers making this city a great destination for travel nurses. More facilities mean more options for selecting your next assignment! Prove yourself, and you may find that your facility asks you to extend your contract. You also can plan your assignments around your next vacation. Consider a back-to-back assignment in Philadelphia. Take some time in between each contract to discover all that the area has to offer.

  • Travel locally to other areas near Philly - Another perk to Philadelphia’s strategic location is the ability to travel locally to other cities and states when based in the area. If you’re wrapping up a contract, have your recruiter check the area to see if there are any assignments in nearby areas such as Camden or Wilmington. If the new contract is within a commutable distance, you may be able to stay in your same housing! Also be sure to ask about per diem assignments.
  • Plenty of activities and things to do on your days off - Philadelphia is teeming with countless things to do and see when you aren’t working a shift and using your clinical skills and knowledge as a travel nurse. From world-renowned museums and monuments, historical hotspots, and plenty of shops and restaurants to explore, there’s no shortage of fun to be had on your next assignment.
  • Great neighborhoods to live in - Whether you select the free, company-paid hosting provided by American Mobile or you choose to leverage the housing stipend, Philadelphia has a variety of neighborhoods to choose from -- each with their own unique “personality.” You can choose from trendy, hot-spot areas like Fishtown or go for a combo of deep history and modern living in Old Town.
  • Enjoy a delicious, unique food scene - When it comes to food in Philly, let’s be honest -- the city’s namesake cheesesteak sub will always reign supreme. The original recipe combines thinly sliced pieces of beefsteak with melted cheese in a traditional hoagie roll. Pennsylvania is also known as one of the birthplaces of the chocolate creamy wonders known as Whoopie Pies, created by Amish women in their kitchens.


Travel nursing allows nurses to expand their skills, experience, and clinical knowledge by working in some of the nation’s top healthcare facilities and learning from talented nursing colleagues, physicians, therapists, and other peers.

Philadelphia has always been a location that attracts talented nurses and clinicians from all over the U.S. The area’s diverse and thriving healthcare scene allows travel nurses to choose from a variety of different types of assignments and contracts. American Mobile has opportunities in Philadelphia at the following types of facilities:


If you’re a nurse who has been working in smaller regional or rural healthcare facilities, you may want to consider expanding your practice scope by taking a travel nurse assignment at a large teaching hospital or magnet facility. The amazing thing about traveling is you can choose the type of facility you want to work in, which opens the doors to tremendous learning and growth opportunities.

In addition to selecting assignments based on the type of facility, travel nurses can also search for assignments by specialty, and Philadelphia features a wide variety of options including L&D, ER, ICU, Pediatrics, Oncology, and Med-Surg just to name a few. Nurses who have experience in multiple specialties can also choose assignments where they “float” to several different units throughout the course of the contract.

Things to do

Since you’ll be saving money on living expenses and enjoying competitive compensation, travel nurses can enjoy an elevated lifestyle. Spend your day playing tourist and exploring one of the many activities and attractions we’ve rounded up on this list of suggestions:

1. Independence Hall

It all started here. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were both debated, signed, and adopted in this building by America’s founding fathers. Part of the National Park Service, construction on the building was started in 1732 and from there it became the birthplace of America’s values based on the universal principles of freedom and democracy. It has also been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn More »

2. Philadelphia Museum of Art

An architectural masterpiece, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is an iconic staple of the city. In addition to the museum’s collections and special exhibitions, it also holds a special place in the heart of popular culture. Yes, you guessed it, the museum’s famous stairs are featured in several of the Rocky films. Lace up your running shoes and be sure to get a photo on the east-end stairs. Learn More »

3. The Liberty Bell

The massive bell was once hung atop Independence Hall, and it now sits on display in front of the building. The famous inscription on the bell reads “Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants Thereof,” and it’s been inspiring Americans since the late 1700s. The bell cracked upon the first test strike, and although it’s been recast several times, the fissure is still a prominent part of the symbolic bell. Learn More »

4. Museum of the American Revolution

History buffs will be in awe to discover an impressive collection of documents, flags, art, and exhibits dedicated to this pivotal time in America’s history. The museum is newer to the scene (doors opened in 2017) and provides an interactive, diverse, and educational experience for all ages. Learn More »

5. Chinatown Friendship Gate

A visit to the bustling area of Chinatown is a must-do on every travel nurse’s Philadelphia itinerary. The colorful arch known as the Chinatown Friendship Gate marks the entrance to the area where you will also find authentic food and shops. Learn More »

6. Reading Terminal Market

Food lovers and shoppers will be delighted to spend an afternoon at the Reading Terminal Market. Dating back to the late 1800s, the market is a cultural hot spot. From the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch merchants to modern-day small businesses selling everything from fresh juices to flowers, there’s lots to see and do under one roof. Learn More »

7. The Love Statue

No travel nurse assignment to Philadelphia would be complete without a souvenir photo of the famous Love Statue. Situated in the John F. Kennedy Plaza -- also known as Love Park -- the famous Robert Indiana sculpture was installed in 1976 and recently restored in 2018. Learn More »

8. The Rodin Museum

Unlike the other art institutions on our list, the Rodin Museum has a singular focus - world-renowned French sculptor Auguste Rodin. A visit to the museum is akin to stepping into a tranquil oasis with gorgeous works of art around every corner. There’s even a Garden Bar pop-up featuring craft cocktails, small plates, and live music! Learn More »

9. The Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Modeled after the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, The Benjamin Franklin Parkway is home to some of the city’s best museums and cultural attractions. Checked all the museums on your list? Not to worry, the Parkway is still worth a stroll thanks to its beautiful scenery and architecture found along the way. Learn More »

10. Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks

You can’t miss Philadelphia’s iconic sandwich: the Philadelphia cheesesteak, a hot roast beef and melted cheese on a roll. Try some of the best purveyors of cheesesteaks in the city when you dine at John’s Roast Pork, Pat’s King of Steaks, Geno’s Steaks, or others.

Why work for American Mobile?

As the nation’s top travel nursing agency, American Mobile is proud to offer an incredible variety of well-paying travel nurse jobs, including many in the Philadelphia area. We’re also proud of our dedicated staff of recruiters, our clinical experts and others who support travelers, the excellent benefits, and all the other opportunities that we can offer to travelers.

Here are a few key reasons to consider signing on with American Mobile:

  • We make it easy for you. We designed the AMN Passport app to make it easy to search for jobs and book assignments. You can also use the app to manage your assignments.
  • You’ll get access to our database of travel nursing jobs. We have the largest, most comprehensive database of nursing jobs in the industry, including exclusive contracts with a number of leading healthcare organizations, including prestigious magnet hospitals.
  • We offer full-time support. Our team wants you to succeed, so we offer support and make sure you get everything that you need. Your recruiter is always available to talk with you about current or future assignments. We also have dedicated team members to answer questions and troubleshoot problems if you have need help with housing, credentialing, or payroll.
  • We offer round-the-clock clinical support. If you run into a question about a clinical matter on the job, you can call our clinical team and receive urgent assistance at any time of day or night.
  • We offer licensure assistance. If you haven’t worked in a compact licensure state before, we are here to help you with that, so you’ll be fully licensed and ready to go when you start your assignment.

American Mobile also offers the best benefits in the travel nursing industry.

  • Premium health benefits. Perhaps more important than ever before, our health benefits will give you the peace of mind to know that you have access to healthcare when you need it, too. Our options include PPO and HMO health benefits, as well as life insurance, vision insurance, and disability insurance – for you and your family. Plus, you don’t have to wait a month or three for these benefits to kick in. Coverage starts on day one.
  • Retirement savings. American Mobile offers a generous 401(k) matching program that will help you save money for your retirement (when you can travel even more!).
  • Free continuing education. Nursing leaders will tell you that lifelong learning is a hallmark of the nursing profession. To make it easier for you to stay up-to-date on the latest evidence-based research and developments in your profession, we offer free continuing education unit (CEU) courses.

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