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Travel Nursing October 18, 2019

The Benefits of Accepting a Nursing Assignment in Florida

By Lee Soren, Contributor
Many workers daydream of escaping their dull day-to-day routine in favor of a destination with white sand beaches, turquoise water and warm breezes stirring the fronds of towering palm trees. For travel nurses, accepting an assignment in Florida can mean making their daydream a reality.
Florida travel nursing jobs come with a variety of personal and professional perks. Here are four major benefits of accepting a temporary nursing assignment in Florida.

1. Traveling Healthcare Professionals Have a Choice of Prime Positions

According to Business Insider, the median age of Floridians is higher than that of most U.S. states, with the Census Bureau estimating that 20 percent of Floridians are 65 or over. These higher age demographics mean increasing healthcare needs. Pair that with the population spikes that accompany the influx of seasonal residents from northern states —known as snowbirds —in the winter months, and what it means for travel nurses is ample travel nursing jobs in Florida.


The statewide demand for nurses brings a major benefit to those who looking for a travel nursing position in Florida: choice. Travel nurses coming into the state have their pick of prime positions at some of the nation's largest hospitals, including the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, which are leading the way in medical research and healthcare technology. Positions at these hospitals can be a great learning experience and resume booster, and can ultimately lead to career advancement.

2. Warm Winters and Sunny Days Mean No More Doldrums

With an average of more than 200 sunny days each year, Florida has earned its nickname as the Sunshine State. Although the southern summers can be hot and humid, Florida's other seasons are mild and welcoming. Since the state rarely experiences snowfall and boasts an average winter temperature of around 60 degrees, it's no wonder that snowbirds flock to Florida during the cooler months. Nurses looking to shed their winter coats in favor of shorts and strappy sandals will find plenty to love about Florida's temperate seasons, including year-round outdoor activities and a barely-there heating bill.

3. World-Class Beaches Await

Whether you accept a position on the east or the west coast –or even somewhere in between –you're never far from the beach. With over 8,000 miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida boasts some of the nation's best beaches. From family-and dog-friendly stretches of coastline to the people-watching mecca of Miami Beach –and even a nude beach or two –Florida has a spot of sand for everyone.

Some of The State's Must-See Beaches Include:

  • Sanibel Island: Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Sanibel Island is an oasis for beachcombers. Considered by many to be the seashell capital of the United States, the isle's 15 miles of pristine beaches offer up more than 250 types of shells for careful combers. Sanibel Island was ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the best beaches in the country.
  • Destin: Tucked into Florida's panhandle, you'll find some of the state's most popular beaches in Destin. The sand here is created from pure Appalachian quartz, which keeps it cool even during the hottest part of the summer and gives the water its unique emerald hue.
  • Key West: If you're taking a travel nursing job in Florida, you won't want to miss the picture-perfect beaches of Key West. This artsy area of the Florida Keys is known for its laid-back vibe and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

4. Every Day Off is a Vacation

Since the state is one of the nation's premier vacation destinations, perhaps the biggest benefit that comes with Florida travel nursing jobs is knowing that every day off can be a vacation. From Disney World to the Everglades, Florida's attractions and natural beauty appeal to all ages, nationalities and interests. If you're ready to find out what professional opportunities Florida offers, get startedby exploring our job search page.


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