• How to get your nursing license in Michigan

    Your Guide to a Michigan Nursing License: Beyond the Great Lakes

    Whether you like to fish, hike, enjoy water sports, ride bikes, sled or maybe you prefer to stay indoors--Michigan has something to offer everyone. Its natural beauty is a standout, with the state’s most famous residents being the awe-inspiring Great Lakes. The name Michigan actually originates from the Ojibwe word Mishigamaa, meaning "large water" or "large lake".

    If water isn’t your thing, the state offers much more than outdoor adventure. With big cities like Detroit, Grand Rapids and Lansing, visitors to Michigan will find there is plenty to see and do. Travel nurses have the ability to use their skills in top hospitals and facilities located throughout the state.

    Michigan also embodies a fantastic Midwest location with easy access to locations such as Chicago, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Toronto. Travel nurses on assignment here can use their days off to explore other areas that are in driving distance or a short flight away.

    Ready to find out more about becoming a travel nurse in Michigan? It all starts with obtaining your Michigan Nursing license.

    Applying for a Michigan Nursing License:

    The Michigan Board of Nursing is your one-stop-shop for all things related to the state’s nursing license. One important update to be aware of is that the state is no longer accepting paper applications for nursing licenses. That’s right, you must apply for your nursing license online! But not to worry, the Board makes the process very simple.

    Applicants for a nursing license in Michigan have the option to apply by examination or endorsement. Examination is for new nurses and endorsement is for nurses who hold an active license in another state. All applicants (except renewals--more on those below) must meet the following requirements and paperwork criteria:

    • Criminal Background Check
    • Good Moral Character Questions
    • Human Trafficking – Beginning January 6, 2022, completion of training to identify victims of human
    • Trafficking is required for initial licensure
    • Social Security Number
    • Verification of Licensure
    • Professional Education – Name of School Attended and Name of Educational Program Completed
    • Final, Official Transcripts or the Michigan Nursing School Certification Form, if applicable
    • Passing NCLEX-RN Examination Scores

    Application Fees for Michigan Nursing Licenses:

    • RN or LPN by Examination $208.80 (Valid for 2 years from date issued)
    • RN or LPN by Endorsement $208.80 (Valid for 2 years from date issued)
    • RN Specialty Certification: $40.55 or $55.45 (Valid for up to 1 to 2 year(s) from date issued)
    • RN or LPN Re-licensure: $228.80 (Valid for 2 years from date issued)

    How to Renew Your Nursing License in Michigan?

    Many of you who already hold a nursing license may find yourselves asking, “How do I renew my Michigan nursing license?” The process is actually quite simple, and is also done online just like the application process described above.

    The renewal cycle is every two years, and the renewal application fee for an RN is $128.50, and it is $158.30 Registered Nurse with Specialty.

    American Mobile: Your Travel Nursing Partner

    If you still have questions about a Michigan nursing license, your partners at American Mobile Healthcare are here to help. We have all of the insider knowledge and information you need to quickly and efficiently obtain your state nursing license.

    We are much more than experts, we can help you out financially, too! Yes, you read that right. In some cases, American Mobile will reimburse you for your licensing fees. That means that your Michigan nursing license could end up being free!

    If you are ready to earn great pay, travel the country and advance your nursing career--consider taking an assignment with American Mobile! Search for jobs or submit your application today to get on the fast-track to travel nursing in Michigan.

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