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Is Your Nursing Skills Checklist Up to Date?


By Melissa Wirkus Hagstrom, contributor

You document patient data every day, but what about your own data? It may be time to take an inventory of all the things you have learned over the past several months. From completing continuing education credits to learning a new computer system, chances are you picked up a few new tidbits on assignments that can help you move ahead in the coming year.

Positioning yourself for future assignments should start with a little reflection on your accomplishments and experiences. Make it easy with American Mobile’s nursing skills checklist, a self-assessment that touches on your clinicalTo succeed in 2016, your nursing skills checklist should be up to date experience on your unit and like acuities. Current travelers can update their specialty checklist with their Service Connection account, which offers access to American Mobile forms and resources.

“Keeping your skills checklist up to date means that when facilities are getting your profile for consideration, they’re seeing the current level of your skills,” explained Teresa Healey, senior recruitment manager with American Mobile Healthcare. “It’s important to renew your skills and certifications before they expire so that you don’t have to completely retake the classes and training. Learning new skills can only increase your chances at winning over your dream travel nurse positions.”

With each new assignment, it is important to paint an accurate and clear picture of your clinical abilities to a future employer. And be specific: if you worked on a new system, discuss the modules you touched. If you learned a new technique for pain management, mention how and where you’ve applied it in the patient care setting.

Regardless of your specialty or practice area, the name of the game continues to be technology. Sharpen your skills within the e-health arena, and you’ll find a plethora of opportunities where your EMR knowledge is needed.

“Continue to keep your checklists up to date as there are a lot of EMR projects happening in 2016, which means a lot of chances to increase your knowledge on different computer systems--and that is HUGE for hospitals as they continue to transition in the next few years,” Healey said.

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