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    How to Obtain an Illinois Nursing License: Everything You Need to Know

    From the big city lights of Chicago to the state capitol of Springfield, the “Prairie State” has a lot to offer for travel nurses looking for their next opportunity. The state is home to top hospitals and teaching facilities as well as smaller community medical centers. Regardless of your specialty, this Midwestern state provides many jobs for RNs who hold an Illinois nursing license.

    But if you don’t have this state license, you may be wondering how to obtain the right credentials? Not to worry, American Mobile is here to help.

    We assist travel nurses every day with their licensing issues. If you are ready to hit the road and find out what Illinois has in store for you, keep on reading.

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    How to Apply for an Illinois Nursing License:

    While most states have a Board of Nursing, Illinois nurse licenses are issued by the The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IFPN). The state offers nursing licenses by both endorsement and examination, and most everything can be done online through their new Online Services Portal.

    Types of Nursing Licenses in Illinois:

    • Examination
    • Endorsement
    • Renewal
    • Restoration

    Before applying, you need to decide which category you fit in. New nurses who do not hold a state license will need to apply by examination and pass the NCLEX. For licensed nurses, you will need to apply by endorsement.

    The fee for endorsement is currently $50. Nurses who already hold an Illinois nurse license will fall into one of two categories: renewal or restoration.

    Regardless of the type of nursing license you are applying for, you need to have the following items ready:

    • Criminal background check and fingerprinting
    • Social security number and other pertinent personal info
    • Certificate of education
    • Verification of license and clinical hours (Endorsement only)

    How to Reactivate Your Illinois Nursing License:

    So you may be wondering how to renew your license? Simply head on over to the IFPN and complete your renewal application. All Registered Nurses licenses expire on May 31 of every even-number year, regardless of the date of issuance.

    If you have let your license lapse without renewing, you will need to go through the license restoration process. To restore a license that has expired or been placed on inactive status for more than five years, you must submit all documents and forms required for licensure by restoration. If it has been less than five years, you must contact the IFPN directly to find out more information.

    Is Illinois a Compact Nursing License State?

    Another question that may have come up: Is Illinois part of the nursing compact states?

    At this time, the answer to that question is no. Nurses who hold a compact license cannot practice in Illinois. You must apply by examination or endorsement. To learn more about the NLC and see a list of all of the participating states, click here.

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