• Hawaii Nursing License and Renewal: What You Need to Know

    Aloha. If Hawaii nursing jobs are on your radar – and, as a travel nurse, why wouldn’t they be? – here’s all the vital information you need to secure your Hawaii nursing license.Hawaii nursing license

    Things to know about getting your Hawaii Nursing License:
    • » License fees vary according to odd-numbered or even-numbered years
    • » Hawaii is a Nursys participating state
    • » Hawaii is also a walk-through state, so your temporary Hawaii nursing license can be issued within a day or two
    • » The processing time on a permanent complete application is approximately 20 business days
    • » This is not a Nursing Licensure Compact State
    • » If your license has been expired for two years, you’re required to apply as a new applicant

    Documents needed for getting your Hawaii Nursing License
    • » Photocopy of any current license in another state in the U.S.
    • » Evidence of having sent “Verification of License” (receipt of certified mail or copy of cancelled check)
    • » Verification of employment form
    • » Completion of NCSBN exam

    Processing fees to be aware of when getting your Hawaii nursing license:
    • » $180 for a temporary and perm license if issued in odd numbered year; $135 if issued during an even numbered year
    • » $130 money order or cashier’s check for renewal

    Hawaii Board of Nursing, 335 Merchant St., Room 301, Honolulu, HI 96813 Call: (808) 586-3000 Web: http://cca.hawaii.gov/pvl/boards/nursing/

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