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    Get Your Delaware Nursing License for Travel Nursing

    Considering travel nursing assignments in Delaware? Whether you already hold a multistate nursing license with the Nurse Licensure Compact or need to get your Delaware nurse license by endorsement, the team at American Mobile can help make your dreams a reality.

    Did you know? Delaware was the first of the original 13 colonies to ratify the U.S. Constitution, earning the name “The First State.” This small, Mid-Atlantic state is still a standout, with a charm all its own. It offers travel nurses access to miles of pristine seashore, plus iconic lighthouses, grand mansions, historic sites, and scenic towns and villages.

    The state’s central location also puts travelers within a short drive of Washington, DC, New York City, and numerous New England, Mid-Atlantic and Southern treasures that can be explored.

    Our recruitment team can help find travel nursing jobs in Delaware, guide you through the licensing process and may reimburse your new licensing fees.

    Multi-State NLC Nursing Licenses are Welcome Here

    Delaware participates in the Nurse Licensure Compact, which allows RNs or LPNs to have one multistate nursing license, with the privilege to practice in any of the 30-plus compact member states. The licensing standards in NLC states requires all applicants for a multistate nursing license to meet the same requirements.

    You can verify whether you hold a multistate license or single state license at on the Nursys website. If you do hold a multistate nursing license, you may work travel nursing jobs in Delaware without the need for additional licensing.

    How to get a Delaware Nursing License

    If you do not have an NLC multistate license but do hold a current, active nursing license in another state, U.S. territory or the District of Columbia, you can apply for Delaware nurse licensure by endorsement.

    Nurse applicants need to show that they meet one of these practice requirements:

    1. Graduation from a nursing education program within the past two years that is deemed acceptable by the Delaware Board of Nursing; or
    2. At least 1,000 hours of nursing practice during the last five years; or
    3. At least 400 hours of nursing practice during the last two years.

    Applicants for a Delaware RN license will also need to provide:

    1. A completed application and fee in the amount of $156, paid by check or money order. Applications must be printed out, signed and notarized, and mailed with payment to the Delaware Board of Nursing.
    2. Verification of all RN licenses held, current or expired. This may be done via Nursys for participating states, or via written verification sent to the Delaware Board of Nursing.
    3. Fingerprinting and authorization for criminal background checks.

    It takes approximately four weeks to receive a nursing license in Delaware, after all documentation has been received.

    Delaware Nursing License Renewal

    Nurses can renew their Delaware RN license by completing an online application and paying their renewal fees by credit card. All newly issued RN licenses expire on September 30 of odd years.

    To renew, you must attest that you have completed the required continuing education (CE) and that you have practiced nursing at least 1,000 hours in the past five years or 400 hours in the past two years. The number of CE hours required depends on when your Delaware license was issued and how you were licensed.

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