• CT Nursing License and Renewal: What You Need to Know

    When you take a travel RN job in CT with American Mobile, you open yourself up to sophisticated, top-notch facilities and opportunities that will take your career to new levels. And if you’re interested in New York, New Jersey or Massachusetts nursing jobs, taking a short term nursing job in the Constitution State is a great way to get acclimated to the area while you apply for your next license.

    Things to know about getting your Connecticut nursing license

    • » A CT nursing license isn’t renewable or extendable so
           you’ll have to apply for a permanent license, which is
           issued in four to six weeks
    • » If you’re interested in expediting your licensure, it’s advisable to email the Department at oplc.dph@ct.gov
    • » NCLEX exam completion is not required
    • » Connecticut is Nursys participating
    • » We’ll help you with your application and processing fees
    • » Connecticut is not a Nursing Licensure Compact state
    • » License applications should always be overnighted
    Documents you'll need to apply for your CT nursing license
    • » Notarized application and photo for both temporary and permanent licensure
    • » Official transcripts and verification of all licenses for permanent licensure
    • » Copy of current, valid license for temporary
    • » Official transcripts
    Fees to know about:
    • » $180 for perm
    CT Department of Public Health, Board of Nursing

    410 Capital Ave., MS #12 MQA
    Hartford, CT 06134
    Mail to: PO Box 340308
    Call: (860) 509-7603
    Web: https://portal.ct.gov/DPH/Public-Health-Hearing-Office/Board-of-Examiners-for-Nursing/Board-of-Examiners-for-Nursing

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