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Ivy La

Thank You, Ivy

"Ivy has been consistently recognized for dedication to exceptional patient care. Her patients state that she makes the difference for them in their experience."

"Ivy has been on assignment at Kaiser South Sacramento as an Labor and Delivery Nurse. She is kind, thoughtful, and compassionate toward her patients. She goes the extra mile to ensure her patient's needs are met and to ensure that her team needs are met.

The team at Kaiser South Sacramento has consistently recognized Ivy for a fantastic job. During her assignment at Kaiser South Sacramento Ivy received three separate recognition cards from the Labor and Delivery team. Ivy was recognized for a the great job she does, for being kind, compassionate, for providing exceptional patient care, and for consistently going the extra mile and making the difference in patient experience.

One patient stated that she was so grateful to have Ivy as her nurse as Ivy made the difference in her labor and delivery experience."