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You’ve heard what we have to say about the benefits of travel nursing—now it’s time to get insider traveling nurse information directly from RNs who’ve worked with American Mobile Healthcare. Browse the questions and answers below to learn the basics. And if your questions aren’t covered by these responses, we welcome you to submit your own “Ask a Traveler” question!

What made you decide to become a travel nurse?
“I was looking for challenges. I was also looking forward to see the country, to experience the outdoors. I enjoy different activities outdoors, and California was on the list because of the ocean. I come from Colorado, and I was kind of missing out on the ocean.” -- Elena Sera Gose
What’s your favorite part of working as a travel nurse?
“What I like most about working as a travel nurse is the diversity in the populations that I work with in the ER. I meet incredible people that I work with the: employees, the nurses, the techs, the doctors have become some of my best friends as well as the environments that I get to go and explore where I live.” -- Kim Allen
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