Find Top RN Intravenous Therapy Travel Nursing Jobs in Hermiston, Oregon

    American Mobile can help you find the top IV Therapy travel nurse jobs in and around Hermiston, Oregon. We have new jobs updating daily, so be sure to Apply Now so our specialists can make sure you get first crack. We make it easy for you to compare Hermiston's IV Therapy nursing jobs by allowing you to filter based on salary, shift type, location or duration to find the right job for you.

    The Hermiston IV Therapy travel nursing market can include hospital facilities in Hermiston proper like Mid-Columbia Medical Center and Good Shepherd Medical Center with more facilities in nearby areas like Kennewick, Pasco and Heppner to name a few.

    Hermiston is a great location for IV Therapy travel nurses to come live, work and play! And what is a travel nurse looking for if not a great work/life balance in a fun city? Search for jobs below or apply now and our American Mobile team will help get you started!

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    Best RN IV Therapy Travel Nurse Jobs in Hermiston, OR

    Filter and sort through all the IV Therapy travel nurse jobs in and near Hermiston below. Filter by your preferred neighborhood, salary range, shift type, and more in the filters so you can find the best IV Therapy travel nurse job in Hermiston, Oregon for you.


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    FAQs About Travel IV Therapy Nursing Jobs for RNs in Hermiston, OR

    What types of shifts are most common for IV Therapy travel jobs in Hermiston?

    Based on the last 6 months of travel nurse jobs data, 12 Hour Day shifts were the most common in Hermiston and surrounding areas.

    How much does a day shift Intravenous Therapy nurse make on average in Hermiston and nearby cities?

    A: A 12 Hour Day shift Intravenous Therapy nurse in Hermiston can make an average of $1,137 per week based on recent job availability.

    What hospitals and healthcare facilities have Intravenous Therapy staff in or near Hermiston?

    • Mid-Columbia Medical Center in The Dalles (92.2 miles from Hermiston)
    • Good Shepherd Medical Center in Hermiston (1.1 miles from Hermiston)
    • Klickitat Valley Health Services in Goldendale (73.3 miles from Hermiston)
    • St. Mary Medical Center in Walla Walla (48 miles from Hermiston)
    • Amedisys Tri-Cities Home Health in Kennewick (26.8 miles from Hermiston)

    What is the most common contract for Intravenous Therapy travel jobs in Hermiston?

    Based on recent data, the most common duration for a Intravenous Therapy job in Hermiston is 13 Weeks.

    Locating Intravenous Therapy travel nursing jobs in Hermiston

    In Hermiston, facilities like Mid-Columbia Medical Center, Good Shepherd Medical Center and Klickitat Valley Health Services, all offer IV Therapy departments. It's a great city to work in and nearby to neighborhoods like neighborhoods.

    Other popular cities near Hermiston's IV Therapy job opportunities are Kennewick (25.4 miles), Pasco (29.4 miles) and Heppner (36.1 miles). These are near to zip codes: 97838 (1.1 miles), 99336 (26.8 miles) and 99301 (28.8 miles).

    Recently Filled IV Therapy Jobs in & Near Hermiston

    Curious to learn what kinds of IV Therapy jobs were recently filled in Hermiston and the benefits of travel nursing? Look no further. We've collected 1 of the most recently available RN IV Therapy travel jobs posted by healthcare facilities in or nearby to Hermiston. The most recent highest paying IV Therapy job in Hermiston was a Registered Nurse – Infusion - Intravenous Therapy N job in Hermiston with a weekly salary of $1,193 and a contract length of 13 weeks. The lowest paying Intravenous Therapy travel nurse position in Hermiston was a Registered Nurse – Infusion - Intravenous Therapy N position in Hermiston with a weekly salary of $1,082 and a contract length of 13 weeks.
    Job image
    Registered Nurse – Infusion - Intravenous Therapy N
    $1,082 to $1,193

    Weekly Pay


    610 NW 11th Street
    Hermiston, OR 97838


    12 D


    13 Weeks

    Start Date

    May 19, 2022