• How to get your nursing license in Alabama

    Get Your Alabama Nursing License

    The State of Alabama is known for warm temperatures, blue skies and lush green landscapes—not to mention a down-home, Southern vibe that makes travel nurses feel right at home. It also offers year-round recreation and a number of fun, diverse communities to explore--from Huntsville to Birmingham to Mobile, and the gorgeous beaches along the Gulf Coast.

    Before you can practice here, though, you’ll need to get your Alabama nursing license.

    Fortunately, the team at American Mobile can help you through the state licensure process. Our recruiters can also find your dream assignment, cover your housing and travel expenses, and may reimburse your Alabama Board of Nursing license fees!

    Apply for Your Alabama Nursing License with the Help of American Mobile

    Registered nurses who want to travel and hold a current out-of-state license can apply for licensure by endorsement through the Alabama Board of Nursing. First time licensees would apply for licensure by examination.

    The requirements for Alabama nurse licensure by endorsement:

    • A completed online application
    • Application fee of $100 paid by debit or credit card, plus small processing fee
    • Proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residency
    • Graduation from a nursing program which meets the same educational criteria as Alabama nursing programs; official transcripts should be sent directly from your school to the Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN)
    • 24 contact hours of continuing education earned within the past 24 months
    • Verification of current RN licensure
    • Most states use the Nursys System to verify licenses electronically
    • If your state of licensure does not participate in Nursys, you’ll need to send the verification form to the state and request verification be sent directly to the ABN

    Timelines are not guaranteed, but it can take as little as two weeks to receive a nursing license in Alabama, after all documentation has been received. The licensing team at American Mobile can work with you to ensure a trouble-free process and quick turnaround.

    January 2020: Alabama Implements the Nurse Licensure Compact

    The State of Alabama passed legislation in 2019 to enact the Nurse Licensure Compact, also known as the Enhanced NLC. Sponsored by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), this interstate agreement currently has more than 30 member states, and allows a nurse to have a multistate license.

    The implementation of the compact in Alabama is set for January 1, 2020. Starting on this date, if you hold an NLC multistate nursing license, you will be able practice in Alabama without the need to obtain additional licensing!

    How to Renew Your Nursing License in Alabama:

    Nurses who are licensed in Alabama can apply to renew their license through their online account, and pay the application fee by debit or credit card. Twenty-four (24) contact hours of continuing education are also required to renew.

    Alabama nursing licenses are renewed on a two year calendar cycle; RN licenses are up for renewal every EVEN numbered year, and LPN licenses every ODD numbered year. The renewal period runs from September 1 through December 31. Note: If a nursing license was issued prior to August 31, it will expire December 31 of that same year if it is a renewal year for that license type.

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