When should an RN consider taking on travel nursing assignments?

“I think a good time to start travel nursing would definitely be after a little bit of experience to feel confident in your nursing skills, but I've met travel nurses of all ages and everyone seemed to adapt really well. I chose to be a travel nurse after working as an inpatient ER nurse as well as a flight nurse on a helicopter. I had been doing that for approximately 10-12 years, and I thought now is the opportunity to travel, see different places of the country, and perhaps relocate.  Whitney T., RN, ICU 


"I think the perfect time to start as a traveler in your career is at least a couple years after you're into your career because I don’t think you should go right into traveling."  Latasha J., RN, OR


"I think a good time to start travel nursing in your career is when you have experience and when you feel comfortable with change and you’re able to adapt to new situations."  Rebecca B., RN, MS

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